Fall 2022

Date Who Affiliation Title Time Location
Fri, Jan 20 Steve Gehly Delft University of Technology Challenges in Optical Space Object Estimation 10:30 am AERO 232
Fri, Jan 20 Mark Costello GA Tech Recent Technology Developments for Guided Airdrop Systems 11:45 am AERO 120
Thu, Feb 2 Bradley Cheetham Advanced Space So, you want to start a space company? 4:00 pm Zoom
Fri, Feb 3 Katya Arquilla MIT A Human-Centered Approach to Complex Systems 9:30 am AERO 114
Fri, Feb 3 Simon North Texas A&M Velocity and Temperature Measurements in a Hypersonic Boundary Layer using the VENOM Technique 11:45 am AERO 120
Thu, Feb 9 Divya Bhargav Drexel Getting Started with Aircraft Design 10:00 am AERO 111
Fri, Feb 10 Corey Brooker Lockheed Martin Researchpalooza Keynote - A Behind-the-scenes look at the Artemis I Mission 12:00 pm AERO 120
Thu, Feb. 16 Neelakshi Majumdar PhD Student, Purdue Aerospace Vehicle Design: Design Process, Customer Needs, and System Requirements 10:00 am AERO 111
Mon, Feb. 20 Jordan Smart PhD Student, Stanford Design Space Exploration via Generative Artificial Intelligence 9:35 am AERO 114
Thu, Feb. 23 Ed Thiemann LASP Ultraviolet Occultations: An Essential Technique for Bridging the Thermospheric Gap 10:00 am AERO 111
Fri, Feb. 24 Farah Alibay JPL Coordinating a Helicopter and a Rover Mission on Mars 11:45 am AERO 120
Thurs, Mar. 2 Sean Peters Naval Postgraduate School Leveraging Ambient Radio Noise for Passive Radar Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial and Space Environment 10:00 am AERO 111
Fri, Mar. 3 Eric Frew Smead Aerospace Coordinated Persistent Information Gathering by Autonomous Robot Teams 11:45 am AERO 120
Wed, Mar. 8 Matthew Hayman NCAR Enhancing lidar capabilities and applications through complementary signal processing and hardware solutions 9:35 am AERO 114
Fri, Mar. 10 Mike Wright NASA Hypersonics Dragonfly Entry, Descent and Landing 11:45 am AERO 120
Mon, Mar. 13 Rui Cheng Post Doc, MIT From leaves to satellites: Integrating multi-scale approaches to study land-atmosphere CO2 exchange 9:35 a.m. AERO 114
Thu, Mar. 16 Adm. Kevin Sweeney Former Chief of Staff, Dept. of Defense What is it like to command the real “Top Gun” aircraft carrier and run the DoD? 4:00 p.m. Zoom
Fri, Mar. 17 Ivett Leyva & Brian Holm-Hansen TAMU / ONR Life and Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M 11:45 am AERO 120
Fri, Mar 24 Charles Bolden Former NASA Administrator Life as a NASA Astronaut and Administrator 11:45 am AERO 120
Thu, Apr. 6 Gen. Jay Raymond (Ret) US Space Force (Retired) Future of the US Space Force 4:00 pm Zoom
Fri, Apr. 7 Christophe Pierre Stevens University Vibration Phenomena In Imperfect Bladed Disk Structures 11:45 am AERO 120
Fri, Apr. 7 Naira Hovakimyan University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Safe Learning and Control with L1 Adaptation 1:00 pm AERO 224L
Fri, Apr. 14  Lt. Col. Peter Garretson (Ret) American Foreign Policy Council How Space is Becoming a Theater for Grand Strategy 11:45 am AERO 120
Wed, Apr. 19 Bob Cabana NASA Assoc. Admin, former Astronaut The Artemis Program and Future Exploration of the Solar System 1:00 pm AERO 120
Fri, Apr. 28 Eberhard Gill Delft TU / Byram Distinguished Visiting Professor The Delfi Space program at the Delft University of Technology 11:45 am AERO 120
Fri, Apr. 28 Michael H. Lim PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty: Optimality Guarantees, Compositional Learning, and Applications to Robotics and Ecology 2:45 p.m. AERO 114
Tue, May 2 Krystal Scordo Astroscale So, you want to clean up space? 4:00 p.m. AERO 111 + Zoom