Spring 2022

Date Who Affiliation Title Time Location
Thu, Jan 20 Robert Weiss Former Head, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Lockheed Skunk Works - An insider’s discussion 4:30 pm Zoom
Fri, Jan 21 Jelliffe Jackson Smead Aerospace Capstone Design – From Student to Practitioner 12pm Zoom
Fri, Jan 28 Karen Feigh Georgia Tech Things Every Engineer Should Know about Human-Automation Interaction: A Set of Inconvenient Truths and Practical Tips 12pm AERO 114
Thurs, Feb 3 Manuel Pusch Smead Aerospace Postdoc Modeling and Control of a Highly Flexible Flutter Demonstrator 4 pm AERO N240
Fri, Feb 4 Alison Nordt Lockheed Martin NIRCam: Near Infrared Camera on the James Webb Space Telescope 12pm AERO 114
Fri, Feb 11 Kathie Howell Purdue & Spring '22 Byram Distinguished Visiting Professor Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbits for a Cislunar Facility 12pm AERO 114
Wed, Feb 16 Franklin Chang Díaz Ad Astra Rocket Company, Retired Astronaut Reflections on a 25 year space career and how plasma propulsion will revolutionize space exploration 4:30 pm Zoom
Fri, Feb 25 Matthew Clarke Stanford PhD Candidate Increasing Modeling Fidelity in the Assessment of Electric Aircraft for Regional and Urban Air Mobility 12pm AERO 114
Thu, Mar 3 Alvaro Romero-Calvo Smead Aerospace PhD Student A new perspective on low-gravity fluid mechanics 1pm AERO 111
Mon, Mar 7 Riley Culberg Stanford PhD Student Near-Surface Cryo-Hydrology from Greenland to Europa: Insights from Ice-Penetrating Radar 9am AERO 111
Wed, Mar 9 Anya Jones University of Maryland, College Park Unsteady aerodynamics in large-disturbance flows: Maneuvering wings and gust encounters 10am AERO N240
Fri, Mar 11 Justin Jaworski Lehigh University Aeroacoustics and aerodynamics of quiet owl flight 12pm AERO 114
Mon, Mar 14 Maryam Shakiba Virginia Tech Physics-based Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials: Combining Finite Element and Data-Driven Approaches 9am AERO 111
Wed, Mar 16 Roy T. R. McGrann Binghamton University (emeritus) A Lecture on the Moment of a Force 9am AERO 111
Wed, Mar 16 Kevin Chilton Retired U.S. Strategic Command, Air Force Space Command, NASA Astronaut The future of space and today’s global crisis 4:30pm Zoom
Thu, Mar 17 Erik Knudsen George Mason University Introduction to Mechanical Properties 10am Zoom
Fri, Mar 18 Joe Oefelein Georgia Tech

Progress and Challenges in the Development of Large Eddy Simulation for Turbulent Reacting Flows in Propulsion and Power Systems

12pm AERO 114
Fri, Apr 1 David Darmofal MIT AeroAstro & 21-22 Byram Distinguished Visiting Professor Sonic Boom Propagation through Adaptive Finite Element Methods 12pm AERO 114
Mon, Apr 4 Jeff Thayer Smead Aerospace Aerospace Environments: From Sun to Mud 3:30pm AERO 111 & Zoom
Wed, Apr 6 Kurt Maute Smead Aerospace Multi-Physics Topology Optimization with Level Sets – Applications to Problems in Solid & Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer 3:30pm AERO 114 & Zoom
Mon, Apr 11 Jade Morton Smead Aerospace GNSS As Signals-of-Opportunity for Ionosphere, Atmosphere, Ocean Surface, and Land Cover Remote Sensing 3:30pm AERO 111 & Zoom
Wed, Apr 13 Dennis Akos Smead Aerospace High Integrity Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) within the Android Mobile Phone Platform 3:30pm Zoom
Wed, Apr 20 Joanna Hinks Air Force Research Laboratory Navigation Technology Satellite 3 - A Vanguard of Resiliency & Flexibility 3:30pm AERO N250
Tue, May 3 Letitia Long Former Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency The Future of Space Imaging 4:30pm Zoom