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International Admission Requirements

Review the documents and minimum standards for enrolling in an undergraduate program at University of Colorado Boulder:

Freshman/First-year Students

Transfer Students

English Proficiency

Country-Specific Requirements

Admission Process for International Students

Your file will be reviewed after the following items have been received:

  1. a complete application,
  2. the application fee,
  3. all complete and official academic documents
  4. personal essays, and
  5. a letter of recommendation.

If you are academically eligible for admission to the university, your file will then be checked for proof of adequate English proficiency, financial support, and other information required by law prior to issuing immigration documentation.

Undergraduate applications are reviewed and all decisions are made in the Office of Admissions. Missing information or credentials delay application processing and may affect your chances for admission.

CU-Boulder students are expected to have completed appropriate course work in mathematics, science, language, and the humanities. View Country-Specific Requirements for credential and grade standards descriptions for most countries. Be aware that satisfaction of minimum academic standards, while mandatory, is only one factor in securing admission to the university.