Two students dance downstage while several others stand upstage in a line
The Current, 2019
One male dancer leans to the left while a female dancer moves behind him
Open Space, 2020
One dancer in yellow clenches her fists while several others surround her in business attire
The Current, 2019
several students perform a hip-hop piece
re-membering, 2019
Five masked dancers move onto the stage
Catapult, 2018

The University of Colorado Boulder has an exciting and diversified dance program. We are a contemporary program—one that values and provides study in a range of styles and fusion of forms that influence and reflect the multifaceted nature of dance performance today. Our curriculum is designed to develop concrete skills in performance, choreography and movement invention, for the cypher and the stage, and to instill an appreciation of the role that dance plays in human culture around the world. 


There is no audition for admission into the Bachelor of Arts in Dance program. There is a placement process for specific courses during the first week of classes each semester. For general admissions information, please visit the CU Boulder Admissions page.

Degree Requirements

The BA degree provides a well-rounded dance education in creative process, technique, and theory courses. Students must receive a C- or better in all required courses. Students must also complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Technique Requirements

  • Only technique courses ending in the number “1” are applied towards degree requirements 
  • Technique classes currently offered include Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, African, Tap, Transnational Fusion, Aerial dance, Folklorico, Improvisation, and Hip-hop 
  • BA in Dance students must auditioin into a 10AM daily technique class (DNCE 2021, 3041 or 4061) at least one semester during the first year in the dance program 
  • Students cannot enroll in subsequent theory courses until placing in a 10AM daily technique class

Required Courses & Credits

  • Please refer to the CU Catalog for a list of all required courses and electives
  • BA students will take a full range of dance theory courses in the areas of production, creative process, music, movement analysis, pedagogy, dance & cultural studies, performance, and philosophy. Some theatre classes including Costume Technologies, Community Engagement, and Senior Seminar are also required
  • All BA students will arrange for an off-campus internship to gain practical experience in an area of interest in the dance field

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