In addition to performances, placement is held for select classes. The dance progam also offers frequent opportunities for students to perform in works by faculty members, guest artists, graduate students, and undergraduates. Performances are produced throughout the year and auditions are open to currently enrolled CU students. Audition policies and procedures

Placement Process for Technique Classes

Daily Major Technique

The placement process will be held during the first week of class for both fall and spring semesters. If you are interested in taking this course, show up to the first class ready to move. The instructor will then enroll students during the first week of classes based on faculty assessment. 


If through the placement process you're not ready for daily major technique class (DNCE 2021, 3041 or 4061) we will advise you on next steps for thriving in our program. To progress in the dance curriculum, students must place in the daily major technique class at least one semester during the first year in the dance program.  Students cannot enroll in subsequent theory courses until having placed in the daily major technique class. Students will be advised of their appropriate class placement in order to enroll in the correct technique course. Please note that you do not have to be a major or minor to participate in the placement process; we encourage all CU students to be part of our dance community.


MFA students can register for the gradute technique section of their choice in dialogue with the faculty. 

Major Classes

All DNCE classes ending in a “1” are considered daily major technique classes but are open to any student enrolled in classes at CU. Some of those classes, such as Intermediate and Advanced Ballet, Intermediate and Advanced Hip-Hop, Pointe, Advanced Jazz, Repertory, and Aerial requires a placement process before enrollment. Please reach out to the instructor of record for specific information.

For More Information

Questions regarding technique and daily major class placement can be addressed to the Undergraduate Director of Dance