Our staff are currently working hybrid schedules. Come and visit us in the University Theatre Building in room C132 Monday through Friday during business hours. Please note the office is closed on all University holidays and hours are subject to change. If the office is closed, we are available via email at thtrdnce@colorado.edu, or via phone at 303-492-7355. We are here to help!


Who is in the office? 

See Jeanine McCain for:
  • Finance and HR needs
  • Temporarily covering for the Program Coordinator, and Graduate Program Coordinator. 

Work modality:

Mondays and Wednesdays on campus

Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays remote work

See Teresa Gould for:
  • Liaison roles: phone, keys, parking, website, student employees
  • Event Management System (room reservations)
  •  Supports business manager with payments and reimbursements
  • BuffCard access
  • Building rentals
  • General support for staff, faculty, and undergrads Department events
  • Lead office point of contact
  • Temporarily covering for the Program Coordinator, and Graduate Program Coordinator. 

Work modality:

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday on campus

Monday and Wednesday remote work


In the Office Frequently Asked Questions

Look in the black husky! • In the top drawer you will find: expo markers, staples, push pins, binder clips, post its, rubber bands, scissors, a dongle, sharpies, pens, pencils, highlighters, and white out, tape • In the second drawer you will find: command hooks, batteries, key tags, chalk, reinforcement labels, sticky labels, name tags, and staples. • In the bottom cabinets you will find: printer paper, clip boards, hand sanitizer

If you need a dongle for the Theatre & Dance building, please check to ensure the classroom does not have the connection needed. If so, check the top drawer of the black husky. (Unit w/ the paper cutter and lamp).

If the printer is jammed, take out all paper, and ensure all doors are closed. The printer should remove the error message and continue as normal. If not, press and hold the power button on the screen, and reset the printer.

If there are connectivity errors, please email the IT Service Center at: oithelp@colorado.edu

If you still have questions, email thtrdnce@colorado.edu

The mail comes between 11:00am to 12:30pm daily.

Please visit our website (https://www.colorado.edu/theatredance/main-office) for all main office staff hours. This will inform you who is physically in the office and when, and their daily hours.

For general office inquiries, please contact thtrdnce@colorado.edu