Welcome to the Theatre & Dance main office page. This page includes information about our staff, what their duties are, and the main office hours. If you have any questions, please email thtrdnce@colorado.edu.


Main Office Hours 

The THDN main office will be open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Our staff are working in hybrid modalities. Please be aware all staff members work during normal business hours, however they will not all be in person every day. For staff member in person dates, please see below. Also note although the office will be open during these hours, we may be in meetings, or physically out. If the office is open and there is not a staff member present, please check the individual's white board hung on their door for specific details on when they will return. 

Who is in the office? 

See Jeanine McCain for:

Department Fiscal Management: Budgeting questions, including Academic Program Allocations, Arts and Enrichment Fee, faculty accounts, outreach grants, student group financials, contracts and MOUs for financial commitments

Lead Human Resources Liaison: payroll, employee leave, performance management

Administrative and Operational Management: Department policies and procedures

See Stacy Norwood for curriculum and enrollment needs.

See Brittney Banaei for all things concerning graduate students. 
  • Assists with teaching assignments,
  • Helps with recruitment,
  • Works on graduate student budgets, and
  • Assists with course scheduling and hourly employees in collaboration with other office staff.
  • If you have any questions, please email thdngrad@colorado.edu

See Teresa Gould for:
  • Liaison roles: phone, keys, parking, website
  • Event Management System (room reservations)
  •  Supports business manager with payments and reimbursements
  • BuffCard access
  • Building rentals
  • General support for staff, faculty, and undergrads Department events
  • Lead office point of contact