It is a Department of Theatre & Dance policy that all choreographers hold an open audition before casting a piece that will be produced by the department.


  • Proper advance notice (flyers, website listing, announcements in class) is expected
  • Every attempt should be made to schedule auditions at times that have minimal conflicts with classes 
  • Shared auditions are strongly encouraged
  • Auditions will promote both professional behavior and educationally sound experience
  • Values are based on fairness, full-disclosure, and personal and artistic integrity
  • If there are any questions about audition procedures, contact the Associate Chair of Dance before making audition plans

This policy is designed to ensure that performance opportunities are made available to as many dance majors as possible and that dancers and choreographers learn proper audition techniques. Though we cannot guarantee that every student will be cast in a dance every year, it is important for all of us to cultivate artistic generosity and openness toward our colleagues in the department.


  1. All student dances produced by the department must be auditioned publicly
  2. If a dance is being co-choreographed by all of its performers, an audition is not necessary, but notice of such a plan and the cast list must be given to the Associate Chair of Dance
  3. Choreographers are welcome to schedule and announce auditions at their convenience. The department will work to schedule collective auditions when it is useful to choreographers planning to make work, but students are welcome to establish alternative dates
  4. Cast lists must be posted on the 3rd floor bulletin board following the audition process and must be copied to the Associate Chair of Dance

Students should regularly check the bulletin board on the 3rd floor for announcements of auditions throughout the year. Audition information is also shared out via the Dance listservs

Choreographers for all departmentally produced performances must be current dance majors and all performers must be enrolled in CU classes either with degree-seeking status or through the ACCESS program. If there is a compelling artistic reason to engage off-campus performers the choice must be approved by the faculty prior to casting the dance.