Export controls laws regulate the transfer of sensitive items, information, technology, services, hardware, software and services to destinations outside the United States, as well as the release of controlled technology and services to foreign nationals inside the United States.

These laws sometimes affect research and development activities at the University of Colorado Boulder. Furthermore, this regulatory landscape is complex and constantly in flux, which makes it difficult to follow how export laws might apply to your work. The Office of Export Controls (OEC) seeks to help the CU Boulder campus navigate this challenge by providing training resources and guidance on relevant "hot topics" (such as current events and geopolitical upheavel) that affect US Export Control regulations, and therefore your research on campus. It benefits the entire University community to ensure individuals engaged in research stay updated on export control concerns.

In some cases, OEC requires individuals engaging in export-controlled research projects to take appropriate training. If you have been instructed to take export controls training, you've come to right place. Please proceed to the instructions below to learn how to enroll.