Departments can only add students to their own classes. Authority to add students to combined-section classes differs across academic units. For example, if one of the combined sections is a RAP, then the RAP should perform the add transaction. In some cases, only the sponsor should process the add for a combined-section class.

To determine whether you have access to add a class using Quick Enroll, see Enrollment Access & Administrative Deadlines.

Note: After grade rosters are created, you must submit a change of record form (COR) with the student's final grade.

How to Quick Enroll a Student

  1. Go to Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Quick Enroll a Student.

  2. On the "Quick Enroll a Student" screen, complete the following fields, then click "Add."

    1. ID: Enter the student ID.

    2. Academic Career: Click the magnifying glass icon to search for the career.

    3. Term: Click the magnifying glass icon to search for the term.

  3. On the "Quick Enrollment" screen, complete the following fields, then click "Submit."

    1. Action: Select "Enroll" (default).

    2. Class Nbr: Enter the five-digit class number if you know it. If not, click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the entry field to search for class number. Click outside the "Class Nbr" field for the details to populate.

  4. A status of either "Success" or "Errors" will appear to the right of "Section." If the status is "Errors":

    1. Click the "Errors" link.

    2. On the "Enrollment Message Log" screen, review the error details, then click "Return."

    3. Correct the error(s) by using the appropriate (and approved) overrides on either the "General Overrides" or "Class Overrides" tab.

    4. Click "Submit."

About COF Eligibility

Students must first apply for COF and then authorize CU Boulder to apply it to their tuition and fees bill. COF funds are applied per credit hour based on the amount approved by the Colorado legislature. According to state guidelines, COF is applied to a student's record for classes added to their schedule before census.

COF Add Deadlines

If a student is added into a class after the COF deadline, then that class is not eligible for COF funding.

  • Fall/spring 16-week session: Census date (third Friday of the semester).
  • Fall/spring special session: Add/drop deadline for that session.
  • Summer Main Campus sessions: Census date (first Thursday of Augmester).

Late-Add Petitions

It's possible for a department to have an administrative reason for petitioning that a student receive COF funding for a late added class. Reasons may include: 

  • University error.
  • The waitlist was purged, but the student continued attending class.
  • The course was not offered at the beginning of the semester.
  • The course is independent study, internship, practicum or teaching assistantship.
  • Another administrative reason why the student was added late at no fault of their own.

If one or more of the above reasons apply, please complete the survey below to document the reason the student was added late. If you submit this information by the last day of finals and the reason is appropriate, the Office of the Registrar will approve COF funding for the class.

Complete a COF Late-Add Survey