University policy requires grades be entered into the web grading system no later than 90 hours after the final exam for the class. We strongly recommend using a PC to complete faculty grading.

Entering Grades

Click Teaching Tools in MyCUInfo, then Go to Web Grading. After making sure you're on the correct term, click the Grade Roster icon next to the course you wish to grade. Either enter grades manually or upload a .CSV file (see instructions below for more information).

Posting Grades

Once you set the grade roster action to APPROVED and click Save, you can then select POST to post grades to students' records. A batch posting process runs every three hours for grade rosters that are not yet posted but have a status of APPROVED.

You will not receive a confirmation email when your grades are posted, but you can view the grade status in the grade roster. Once the status says POSTED, your grades have successfully been submitted.

Step-by-Step Web Grading Instructions

Manual Entry Instructions

.CSV File Upload Instructions

Additional Grading Resources