About Enrollment Access

These deadlines apply to fall and spring semester Main Campus classes.

When Access Begins

For continuing students, staff can access registration in Quick Enroll beginning the week that course reservation becomes available. Staff are encouraged to wait until the student's assigned enrollment date and only override the enrollment appointment in limited cases, such as:

  • Petition approval
  • Departmental control of upper level or honors classes
  • Required classes needed for graduation

During the summer, advisors may have earlier access for new fall freshmen and transfer students.

The department is responsible for notifying students via email whenever any change is made to their record using Quick Enroll (i.e., adding, swapping, changing credit hours, canceling a class, etc.). The department is also responsible for monitoring student attendance so that students may be administratively dropped for non-attendance and avoid financial and academic impacts (see Drop a Class). Departments shouldn't enroll any students who have applied to graduate for a semester that occurs before the registration semester (e.g., Spring 2023 enrollment, Fall 2022 graduation application).

Student Record Overrides

Departments and advisors may override the following items on a student's record:

  • Career errors
  • Class permissions

  • Time conflicts
  • Appointment

System Access Deadlines

Deadlines vary based on action and user group, as specified below.

Admin Staff1
(Quick Enroll)
(Quick Enroll)
(Student Center)
Add a class
Monday before finals
2nd Wednesday
2nd Wednesday
Change class section (edit)
2nd Wednesday
Swap a class 3rd Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 2nd Wednesday
Change grade mode
10th Friday
10th Friday
10th Friday
Change variable credit
Monday before finals2
3rd Wednesday
3rd Friday (census date)
Drop a class
3rd Wednesday3
3rd Wednesday3
10th Friday4
Modify waitlist5
2nd Wednesday
2nd Wednesday
2nd Wednesday
Use drop if enrolled
2nd Wednesday
1 Includes admin staff, program assistants, RAPs, SASC and dean's offices.
2 After the second Wednesday, the instructor's approval is required.
3 After the third Wednesday, department administrators can assign class permissions to allow students to drop a class.
4 After the third Wednesday, students receive W grades for dropped classes.

5 Add a name to a waitlist or change a waitlist position.

Required Forms

Depending on your desired action and the time of the semester, you may need to submit a special action form (SAF) or change of record form (COR).

About Administrative Forms