About Student Registration

Students are notified of their enrollment dates each semester. Dates are assigned based on the number of credit hours students have. Students can register for, add and drop classes until the relevant deadline for that semester passes.

Academic Calendar

The Office of the Registrar maintains the fall and spring academic calendar, which shows registration and add/drop periods, term and session start/end dates, important deadlines, holidays and more. This calendar is posted on our website in PDF format and as a dynamic feed from the campus events calendar.

The Division of Continuing Education maintains the Summer Session academic calendar.

Add/Drop Scenarios

Withdrawal: Students who drop all Main Campus classes in a given semester or session, or who never register for fall/spring, are considered withdrawn from the semester or session. Students who withdraw must follow the withdrawal procedures. This includes students who only had one class, as well as those who only registered for online classes if any of them were Main Campus classes.

Dropping classes: Students who drop one or more classes but remain enrolled in at least one Main Campus class in a given semester or session are not considered withdrawn. Students may drop a class until the 10-week deadline. After the 10-week deadline, students must contact their college, school or program to request approval.

Honor Code violations and class drops: If a student drops a class while under Honor Code violation review for that class and is found guilty, that class may be re-added to the student's record with a grade of F. If the student wants to re-enroll and try to complete the course for a higher grade, this option is available at the discretion of the faculty member.

Main Campus online classes: These classes follow Main Campus add/drop deadlines.