Department administrators are capable of modifying students' class registration using Campus Solutions' Quick Enroll functionality until the deadlines indicated on Enrollment Access & Administrative Deadlines. Please become familiar with all of the following information before using Quick Enroll.

Note: Departments determine their own business process for approvals.

Registration Holds

Students may have holds that prevent registration. To check for holds:

  1. Look up the student's record in Campus Solutions.
  2. Click on the prohibition symbol at the top of the page (near the SID).
  3. Click on the hold code (e.g., B02) to see the details of the hold.

For holds labeled "no add activity," the student may have to clear the hold before you're able to administratively add the class.

Hold Type Refer Student To
A (A01,* A07, A08, A11, etc.) Office of Admissions, or 2-6301
A01* – First semester of attendance Send an SAF to the Office of the Registrar during the student's first enrolled term
B (B02,** B59, B62, B71, B90, etc.) Bursar's Office, or 2-5381
H (H10, etc.) Health & Wellness Services (see New Student Information)
R (R91, R97, etc.) Office of the Registrar, or 2-6970
S (S40, S41, S52, etc.) The student's advisor
S48 – NCAA Athletes Send an SAF to the Office of the Registrar
S70 – ISSS (International Students) Send an SAF to the Office of the Registrar
S70 – Vets Send an SAF to the Office of the Registrar

*A01: If the student is in their first enrolled term, then the Office of the Registrar can process the add. If not, the student must resolve the hold through the Office of Admissions.

**B02: This hold means the student owes a past due balance. To lift this hold, the student must log in to Buff Portal and pay the amount due (the hold will be lifted within 24 hours). If you have questions, call the Bursar's Office at 2-5381.