Daniel Massey, Director of the TCP Program

Daniel Massey

Director of TCP • Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Dan Massey is the Director of the Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy (TCP) Program and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. As TCP Director, Dr. Massey is responsible for maintaining traditional TCP strengths in network engineering and telecommunications policy while building the program into the university’s home for cybersecurity education and research. Prior to joining CU Boulder, he was a Program Manager in the Cyber Security...

Associate Directors

Photograph of James Curry, Professor

James Curry

Associate Director of TCP • Professor of Applied Mathematics
James H. Curry : PhD-Mathematics, Univ. of California, Berkeley with Oscar Lanford. Professor Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, since 1989; President's Teaching Scholar since 1993; J. R. Woodhull/Logicon Teaching Professor: 1999 to 2012; Chair, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, 2003 to 2012. Program Director NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS): 2012 to 2014. Professor at University of Colorado-Boulder: 1989 to Present. Previous Academic Appointments: Howard Univ.; Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology...
Photograph of Lloyd Thrall, Scholar in Residence

Lloyd Thrall

Associate Director of TCP • Scholar in Residence
Lloyd Thrall’s research focuses on foreign policy, national security, human security, and organizational change. Prior to joining his alma mater at CU Boulder, Mr. Thrall served extensively in national security roles. His background combines senior defense policy leadership, foreign policy research and analysis, and elite military service, receiving honors and commendations in all fields. Mr. Thrall previously served as a senior executive appointee in the Obama Administration, as the Deputy...


Photograph of Lijun Chen, Assistant Professor

Lijun Chen

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Professor Chen’s research aims to build rigorous foundations and develop new methodologies in optimization, game theory, and systems theory for modeling, analysis, design, and control of complex networked systems, in particular communication and computer networks and smart grids. A long-term research goal is to develop a foundational theory of network architecture that would include a common analytical framework and language that handles and integrates computation, communication, control, and incentive, and...
Photograph of Kevin Gifford, Scholar in Residence

Kevin K. Gifford

Research Professor
Kevin Gifford is a member of the CU Boulder TCP Faculty with a focus in Wireless Engineering. Prior to joining TCP, Kevin was a member of the CU Boulder Aerospace Department for 20 years. In his communications related work some notable contributions include: Leading the teams that were the very first to fly the Linux operating system on both the Space Shuttle (1996) and on the International Space Station (2000)...
Keith Gremban

Keith Gremban

Research Professor
Keith Gremban is a Research Professor in the Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy (TCP) Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Keith has been involved in systems engineering and advanced technology development for over thirty years. Prior to joining the University of Colorado, Keith was the Director of the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS), which is the research and engineering laboratory for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Keith was...
Photograph of Sangtae Ha, Assistant Professor

Sangtae Ha

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Sangtae Ha is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a joint appointment in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program. He co-founded the Princeton EDGE Lab as its first Associate Director in 2009 and led its research team as an Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University from 2010 to 2013. Sangtae is a co-founder and the founding CTO/VP of Engineering of...
Photograph of Dale Hatfield, Professor Adjunct

Dale Hatfield

Adjunct Professor of Technology and Engineering
Dale N. Hatfield is currently an Executive Fellow at the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and an Adjunct Professor in the Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy program – both at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to joining the University of Colorado, Hatfield was the Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and, immediately before that, he was Chief Technologist...
Photograph of David Reed, Scholar in Residence

David Reed

Scholar in Residence
Dr. David Reed is currently a Scholar in Residence. Prior to joining CU, Dr. Reed was the Chief Strategy Officer at Cable Television Laboratories where he led large R&D projects covering a wide range of technologies relevant to the cable industry such as application platforms, business services, voice-over-IP, and broadband delivery systems. Dr. Reed also has been a Telecommunications Policy Analyst in the Office of Plans and Policy at the...
Dr. Nolen Scaife

Nolen Scaife

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Nolen Scaife is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research addresses fundamental weaknesses in systems in networks with a focus on near-term deployability. Prior to joining CU, Dr. Scaife spent over 10 years in industry working for Walmart, Oracle, and Alltel. In academia, his research has spawned two startups, CryptoDrop and Skim...

Affiliated Faculty

Photograph of Ken Baker, Scholar in Residence

Ken Baker

Scholar in Residence
Kenneth Baker is a Scholar in Residence with the TCP Program in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Boulder. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Colorado, Dr. Baker has held various wireless industry positions related to radio access network planning and associated new product development activities. He has participated in the rollout of...
Photograph of Frank Barnes, Distinguished Professor

Frank Barnes

Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering • Professor Emeritus
Professor Frank Barnes is a professor emeritus of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. He received his B.S. from Princeton University in electrical engineering in 1954. He went on to earn his M.S., Engineer and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1955, 1956, and 1958, respectively. Barnes joined the University of Colorado in 1959. In 1997, Professor Barnes was appointed as a...
Photographer of Brad Bernthal, Associate Professor

Brad Bernthal

Associate Professor of Law and Entrepreneurship
Professor Bernthal specializes in startups, entrepreneurial law, and early stage finance (such as angel investment and venture capital). His current research studies finance instruments used in startup investment. Prior to that, Bernthal studied investment accelerators, providing legal scholarship's first work on the topic. In the classroom, Professor Bernthal teams with co-professor Keith Olivia to lead the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (LAWS 7619). He also teaches Venture Capital with co-professor Jason Mendelson...
Photograph of Jill Dupre, Associate Director

Jill Dupre

Adjunct Professor of Spectrum Management • Associate Director of ATLAS
Jill VanMatre Dupre is the Associate Director of the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado. She has a joint appointment with the Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy Program and the ATLAS Institute. With Professor Paul Ohm, Jill conducts research on interdisciplinary creativity and legal issues surrounding digital content (particularly privacy and intellectual property law issues). Jill is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Law, and a member...
Photograph of Ken Krechmer, Scholar in Residence

Ken Krechmer

Scholar in Residence
Ken Krechmer is an internationally recognized expert on communications and communications standards. Ken participated in the development of the International Telecommunications Union Recommendations for Group 3 facsimile (T.30), data modems (V.8, V.8bis, V.32, V.32bis, V.34, V.90), and Digital Subscriber Line transceivers (G.994.1) as well as the related US national standards. He was a founder and the technical editor of Communications Standards Review and Communications Standards Summary 1990 -2002. In 1995...
Blake Reid

Blake Reid

Assistant Professor of Law and Policy
Blake E. Reid studies, teaches, and practices in the intersection of law, policy, and technology. He serves as the Director of the Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic (TLPC) and the Director of Fellowships and Special Projects at the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Before joining Colorado Law, he was a staff attorney and graduate fellow in First Amendment and media law at the Institute for Public...
Image of Ben Shapiro, Courtesy Appointment with TCP

Ben Shapiro

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Ben Shapiro, assistant professor (ATLAS Institute and Computer Science), investigates how to enable children from diverse backgrounds to learn computer science through collaborative, creative expression and through the design of networked technologies to solve problems in their homes and communities. He received his doctorate in learning sciences from Northwestern University, and he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. In 2016, Ben received the University of Colorado Boulder's...
Photograph of Phil Weiser, Professor

Phil Weiser

Professor of Law • Colorado Attorney General
Dean Phil Weiser is the former Dean of the Law School, Thomson Professor of Law, and Executive Director and Founder of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado. Dean Weiser re-joined the Colorado faculty in June, 2011. From April 2010-June 2011, he served as the Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation to the National Economic Council Director at the White House. From July...


Photograph of Hunter Albright, Lecturer

Hunter Albright

Hunter Albright is an instructor in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Operations Division at the Leeds School of Business and in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado. Dr. Albright’s teaching interests are in the area of strategic management, entrepreneurship, technology innovation, and product management. He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level. His research interests focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, product management, and the application of advanced...
Photograph of Charles Cook, Lecturer

Charles Cook

Charles Cook holds a Masters of Engineering from Cornell University, and Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, and has more than 30 years of industry experience in telecommunications. Cook began his career at Bell Laboratories. He later joined USWEST Advanced Technologies where he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Director of the Wireless Group. At CenturyLink...
Jeff DiMaio

Jeff DiMaio

Jeff currently works at Cisco Systems leading an engineering team focused on products for education and state/local government. Previously, Jeff held engineering positions at Cisco specializing in wireless networking and multimedia technology. Prior to joining Cisco, Jeff worked as a Product Manager for SpectraLink Corporation where he helped build the industry’s first Wi-Fi IP Phone. Jeff was a contributing author of two Cisco Press books on Wireless and Voice over...
Kevin Epperson

Kevin Epperson

Kevin Epperson is currently employed by Netflix where he manages the Network Infrastructure Planning and Acquisition team. Previously Kevin has worked for Microsoft, Cisco, and Level3 Communications in various individual contributor and leadership roles. He specializes in Internet infrastructure and policy with a focus on inter-domain routing and relationships. Education MS Telecommunications, Colorado 1998 BS Business Administration, Colorado 1996
Photograph of Harvey Gates, Adjunct Associate Professor

Harvey Gates

Adjunct Associate Professor
Harvey Gates, PhD, PE specializes in aerospace-related telecommunication sciences specifically focusing on Internet-centric mobile and space-based communications. He was one of the founding members of the College of Engineering and Applied Science interdisciplinary Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles (RECUV) and has been a member of the TCP adjunct faculty since 1981. Dr. Gates has held various senior and executive-level industrial positions and currently has an active consulting practice...
Photograph of Aaron Hansen, Lecturer

Aaron Hansen

Dr. Aaron Hansen has served over 28 years in the United States Air Force. His experiences as a Cyber Warfare Officer have transformed our nation’s offensive and defensive capabilities. His research and teaching focus includes Industrial Control Systems, Advanced Metering Infrastructures, and Digital Forensics. Dr. Hansen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration specializing in International Economics from Park University. Dr. Hansen...
Bill Heldman

Bill Heldman

Bill Heldman is a long-time educator in the IT and cybersecurity space. Experience with a variety of industry-standard programming languages: Java, Python Significant network experience with Windows Server, AD, SMS, Exchange, SQL Server, et al Enterprise databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, mySQL Comprehensive knowledge of TCP/IP LAMP servers and open-source content management systems such as Drupal DMZ build-outs Web design and development, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL Security infrastructure build-out and...
Photograph of James Lansford, Lecturer

James Lansford

Dr. Jim Lansford is a Director in the standards group at Qualcomm, responsible for V2X and Wi-Fi standards and strategy. He has over 35 years of experience in communications systems, digital signal processing, and strategic business development. Prior to its acquisition by Qualcomm in August 2015, he was a Fellow in the Global Standards Group at Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR). Dr. Lansford has been Chief Technology Officer of three wireless...
Photograph of Laura Lee, Lecturer

Laura Lee

Laura Lee is the Executive Vice President of Cyber Training and Assessments at Circadence Corporation. In this role, she applies her extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity workforce development to lead product development for the Circadence® Project Ares® next generation cybersecurity training and assessment platform. She brings an exceptional record of leadership in the field of cyber exercises and training, previously directing the research and development at Johns Hopkins University/Applied...
Photograph of Dan Manson, Lecturer

Dan Manson

Dr. Dan Manson is a Professor in Computer Information Systems (CIS) at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). Dr. Manson has taught Information Systems Auditing, Internet Security and Computer Forensics in the College of Business Administration Computer Information Systems undergraduate and Master of Science programs. Dr. Manson has also served as the CIS Department Chair and Campus Information Security Officer. Dr. Manson led the effort for Cal Poly...
Photograph of Andy Meyer, Lecturer

Andy Meyer

Andy served in SE Asia in the Navy before earning an MBA from the University of Iowa. He then worked as a consultant for a Big 4 CPA firm before taking a roll with a startup in the electronics industry. Once that startup was divested he went on to work on another startup in the plastics industry, followed by a tenure as the CEO of a specialty manufacturing firm. Later...
Al Pisano, Ed.D.

Al Pisano

Al Pisano, Ed.D. has over 20 years of experience as a higher education administrator, K-12 administrator, and corporate education liaison and partner. He is an owner of two innovative technology businesses (iGame4 and IntegratEdTechPD), the Director of Educational Technology at Stony Brook , a former District Administrator for Instructional Technology at Comsewogue School District, a Google Education Trainer, and a Microsoft and Google Education Partner. He has been a contributor...
Frank Sanders

Frank Sanders

Director of Institute for Telecommunications Sciences at NTIA
Photograph of John Scarano, Lecturer

John Scarano

John Scarano is a multi-industry entrepreneur, operating executive, serial investor and graduate school instructor. Presently, John is CEO of Wyyerd Group, a community-focused communications services provider, deploying and operating network infrastructure across US and Canada, one community at a time. John is a Board member for Burlywood Inc., a software-defined flash storage business. John serves as a Graduate Instructor for the Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy in the school of Engineering...
Photograph of Thomas Schwengler, Lecturer

Thomas Schwengler

Dr. Schwengler is a principal architect and wireless strategist at CenturyLink, where he researches and analyses a broad range of wireless systems and services. He held positions as director of RF engineering at Qwest wireless, senior staff engineer at US WEST Advanced Technologies, and research engineer at France Telecom R&D. His areas of work are RF engineering applied to wireless voice and broadband communications. Current areas of interest include propagation...
Brandon Shaffer

Brandon Shaffer

Brandon joined the St. Vrain Valley School District in September, 2015. He has a multi-faceted position involving legal and policy analysis, business development, and Pathways in Technology Early College High School. He works closely with teachers and administrators to support educational achievement in the district. Prior to joining SVVSD, Brandon was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to be the Chairperson of the Colorado Parole Board. He served on the Parole Board...
Photograph of Bryan Sparling

Bryan Sparling

Bryan Sparling, Colonel, US Army Retired, is a consultant, strategist and cyber operations expert. Colonel Sparling was an early leader in military Information Warfare and Cyber Operations. On active duty, he led information programs in Europe, from 2011-15 and for the NATO Alliance in Afghanistan 2010-11. He currently is: Senior Vice President at Horizon Strategies, LLC a boutique strategy, leader development and government services consultancy, Founder of Victory 6, LLC...
Photograph of Erik Thomson, Lecturer

Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson is a Vice President of Sales and is responsible for a 60+ person global organization at Zayo Group, a telecommunications firm headquartered in Boulder. Erik currently leads the Premier Accounts team. Additionally, Erik leads the Bid Management team and a technical sales engineering organization. Previously, Erik led the Strategic Marketing and Partnerships team, building relationships with partners to find mutually beneficial results. Erik has also led the Big...


Kari Grotting

Kari Grotting

Administrative Assistant
Kari provides administrative support to the faculty and staff in the Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy (TCP) program. This includes research administrative tasks in support of proposals and research projects. She is in the office part-time, Monday-Wednesday, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm. Please feel free to stop by or reach out for assistance.
Jessica Lee, TCP Administrative Assistant

Jessica Lee

Administrative Assistant
Jessica Lee primarily oversees course scheduling for the department - please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about our course listings or program.
Photograph of Amanda Schank

Amanda Schank

External Relations & Finance Manager
Amanda Schank manages TCP’s program budget, facilitates external relationships with relative industry partners, and collaborates with the TCP leadership team on program strategy. Ms. Schank also oversees TCP’s administrative staff and manages Human Resources for the program. She served as a Financial Analyst in the private sector from 2014 to 2017, and as an Office Manager in New York City’s Financial District from 2008 to 2013.
Photograph of Garrett Schumacher

Garrett Schumacher

Director of Communications and Strategy • Lecturer
Garrett Schumacher oversees TCP's strategic vision throughout its recent rebranding and updating, and he leads their marketing and recruiting efforts. Mr. Schumacher also is creating new curricula, lectures for the Intro to Cybersecurity course, oversees graduate research and competition teams, and works on new partnerships within CU and the external community. Mr. Schumacher works at the cutting edge of genetics and information security, developing molecular encryption with GeneInfoSec , a...
Harrison Sloan, TCP's Graduate Program Advisor

Harrison Sloan

Academic & Admissions Advisor
Send your academic and advising questions to Harrison at the above email address or contact . Mr. Sloan is available for drop-in visits and by appointment.