Daniel Massey, Director of the TCP Program
Daniel Massey
Director of TCP • Professor
Photograph of Lloyd Thrall, Scholar in Residence
Lloyd Thrall
Co-Associate Director • Scholar in Residence
Photograph of James Curry, Professor
James Curry
Co-Associate Director • Professor


Photograph of Lijun Chen, Assistant Professor
Lijun Chen
Assistant Professor
Photograph of Kevin Gifford, Scholar in Residence
Kevin K. Gifford
Research Professor
Keith Gremban
Keith Gremban
Research Professor
Photograph of Sangtae Ha, Assistant Professor
Sangtae Ha
Assistant Professor
Photograph of Aaron Hansen, Lecturer
Aaron Hansen
Photograph of Dale Hatfield, Professor Adjunct
Dale Hatfield
Adjunct Professor
Al Pisano, Ed.D.
Al Pisano
Photograph of David Reed, Scholar in Residence
David Reed
Scholar in Residence
Dr. Nolen Scaife
Nolen Scaife
Assistant Professor


Kari Grotting
Kari Grotting
Administrative Assistant for Research
Jessica Lee, TCP Administrative Assistant
Jessica Lee
Administrative Assistant
Photograph of Amanda Schank
Amanda Schank
Chief of Staff
Garrett Schumacher, TCP's Director of Communications and Strategy
Garrett Schumacher
Director of Communications and Strategy • Lecturer
Harrison Sloan, TCP's Graduate Program Advisor
Harrison Sloan
Academic & Admissions Advisor