The Computing Advisory Board convenes regularly to discuss strategic initiatives for CU programs related to computer science and other computing fields. Members include CU alumni, tech community leaders, and leaders of other university programs, as well as representation from current students.

Computing Advisory Board members generously contribute their time, insight, expertise, and energy to furthering the positive outcomes of CU’s computing programs and initiatives.

Board Documents

Board Members

  • Alex Blum (MechEngr'85), Executive Chairman,
  • Brian Brown, Director Software Engineering, Google
  • David Brown, Co-founder and board member, Techstars
  • Bhavna Chhabra (CompSci'95), Senior Director of Engineering, Boulder Site Lead, Google
  • Lori Clarke (PhDCompSci'76), Computer Science Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts
  • David Cohen, Co-founder and Chairman, Techstars
  • Kelly Coyne (IPhy'07), Partner, D4 Investments
  • Pam Drew (Math'85, MCompSci'87, PhD'91), corporate director/advisor and past high-level aerospace executive
  • Bill Duff (MechEngr'90), Corporate VP and CFO, Experiences + Gaming, Devices, Microsoft
  • Brad Feld (advisor), Partner and co-founder, Foundry Group
  • Scott Green, former Boulder Site Lead, Google
  • Greg Greenstreet (MCompSci'92), Chief Technology Officer, EasyPost
  • Andy Grolnick, CEO, Graylog
  • Mazdak Hashemi (MCompSci'05, PhD'07), former VP for Engineering, Twitter
  • Scott Hudson (PhDCompSci'86), Computer Science Professor, Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Michael Jenkins (MTelcom'93), former CTO, Zayo
  • Carson Kahn, Co-founder and president, Spindle
  • Nima Keivan (PhDCompSci'17), Founder and CEO, Durable
  • Wendy Lea, Chair, Co-founder, and founding CEO, Energize Colorado
  • Krista Marks, CTO, Saga Education
  • Frannie Matthews, President and CEO, Colorado Technology Association
  • Herb Morreale (CompSci'91), former SVP, Praecipio Consulting, former CEO and co-founder, 6Kites
  • Zack Nies (CompSci'95), Founder, Growing Lean
  • Jesse Rosenzweig (CompSci'98), former co-founder and CTO, Elemental Technologies
  • Eric Ryan, co-founder and CTO, 228 Labs
  • Lucy Sanders (MCompSci'79), CEO, National Center for Women & Information Technology
  • Oren Teich (CompSci'98), SVP Product Management, Foursquare
  • Jud Valeski (CompSci, PoliSci'96), former GM Honey, CEO/CTO Gnip, ...
  • Aaron Werley, VP Technology, Lit Networks, Zayo Group

Student participants:

  • Christine Chang, computer science PhD student
  • Lilly Nguyen, computer science undergraduate student
  • Anna Rahn, computer science undergraduate / master's student
  • Andrew Schwartz, information science undergraduate / master's student