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Read about the Philosophy program here!

  • Arts & Sciences students can declare a Philosophy Major or Minor online on MyCU HUB through the “Schedule an Appointment” feature.

  • Students not in Arts & Sciences can declare a Minor through MyCU HUB, but should contact PHIL advisor Rick Seydel to declare a Major.

  • For all students: if you are interested in becoming a Philosophy Major or Minor and would like to talk to an advisor, please feel free to come to drop-in hours or else, to make an advising appointment, go to the online appointment system. If there are no open appointments showing on the system, check back the next day to see if new appointments have been opened up.


Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Rick Seydel
Philosophy Undergraduate Advisor
Room 305 VAC
Campus Box 318 UCB

Mr. Rick Seydel is a professional academic advisor who works in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Academic Advising and Coaching unit. If you are a philosophy major, Mr. Seydel is your official and main academic advisor. (Two caveats to this: (1) first-year PHIL majors, like all first-year students, have a special first-year advisor; (2) if PHIL isn't your only major, you might have a different academic advisor.) See him for your central advising needs, such as declaring or undeclaring a PHIL major or minor, help with a degree audit, questions about the specific requirements of the PHIL major or minor, discussing your graduation timeline, applying for graduation, and the like. You can make an appointment with Mr. Seydel at www.colorado.edu/advising/.

Office Hours By Appointment

Undergraduate Faculty Mentor

David Youkey
Office: Hellems 164B

I am the faculty undergraduate mentor.  I teach in the department, I am here to discuss questions about which philosophy classes might be interesting to take, questions about what different faculty are like, questions about graduate study in philosophy, for advice on how to convince your parents that being a philosophy major really is a good idea, or maybe just for a reading recommendation or to discuss a philosophical idea.  I am also the person who approves the "Allied Fields" requirement for those on the Values and Social Policy Track of the major. 
My office is in Hellems 164B.  You can email me at david.youkey@colorado.edu to make an appointment.


Office Hours By Appointment
Email david.youkey@colorado.edu