We have moved! While Hellems is being renovated, we are now in Muenzinger, 1st floor. If you use the entrance on Colorado Ave (up the big set of steps, across from the bus stop) you'll be in the MUEN lobby. In the back right corner there's a hallway that leads to D110 and D120.

Terri Baldridge and Alex Beard are in D110, as are the mailboxes. Karen Sites is in D120. D110 contains shared spaces for faculty use, and D120 contains shared spaces for grad student use. The (shared) offices for PHIL faculty are D140 A-D.

Contact information for faculty is here and for staff is here, or you can use the general department email at phildept@colorado.edu

Fall registration starts soon! Click here for a list of Fall 2024 courses.

Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress takes place August 8-11, 2024. Click here for the Call for Papers

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