The Department of Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder occasionally has teaching needs that cannot be met by existing faculty under current contract, or graduate student lecturers who are currently under appointment. We maintain a pool of people who are interested in teaching as an adjunct lecturer for our department.
If you are interested, please send the Department Chair David Boonin the following:

  1. A letter of interest with contact info
  2. Indicating what kind of courses you are willing and competent to teach, and in which semesters
  3. A teaching portfolio
  4. A CV
  5. Letters of recommendation

Those who have already indicated their interest should maintain their file by sending updates to the chair (including indications of which semesters you would be available to teach). Courses often become available at the last minute, due to cancellations and changes in staff. Lecturers who have been hired to teach a course should expect to be evaluated both by student evaluations (FCQs) as well as by a classroom visit.