Special Action Form:

Special Action Forms are used for current and future-term student record changes that academic offices cannot handle themselves. The deadline for Special Action Forms is the last day of classes. This means decisions are finalized and required signatures are dated as of the last day of classes. The last day of classes is the day before Reading Day, NOT Reading Day.
Special Action Forms can be used if:

  • You need to make a change to the student's registration, but you don't have access to make it yourself.

  • You need to change the class section after the drop deadline.

For more information about Special Action Forms please visit the Office of the Registrar's Website.

Change of Record Form:

Change of Record Forms are for past-term student record changes and for current-term class adds after grade rosters have been created. ​You can pick up a form at the main office.  Instructors must fill this out. Students should never fill a Change of Record form out.
Submit a COR in the following situations:

  • You need to make any academic record change after the last day of classes (e.g., add, drop, change grading basis or variable credits, expunge, etc.)
  • You need to add a student to a class after the Monday before finals. (Note: The COR must include the student's final grade because the student won't appear on the grade roster.)

Late Drop Petition:

Not applicable this semester.  The deadline to drop a class for Spring 2020 is April 30th.

Retroactive Add Petition:

If a student has completed a class but mistakenly wasn't registered for it, complete the Retroactive Add Petition

Incomplete Agreement:

To be eligible for an incomplete grade, college policy requires that:

  • the student requests the incomplete,
  • the student has satisfactorily completed a significant portion of the course,
  • and the student has extenuating circumstances beyond her/his control that prevent the student from completing the course within the normal time frame.

Complete the Incomplete Agreement here.

Release for Student Recommendation:

If you are looking to get a recommendation from a faculty member please fill the Release for Student Recommendation Form out. This will ensure that any disclosure of non-directory student information (e.g., class performance, grades, abilities, background) to a third party in letters of recommendation or reference calls requires prior documented consent from the student.
Students: You must fill this form out in order for a faculty member to write a letter of recommendation unless you are certain that the institution requesting a recommendation letter has secured a release form from the student.