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Photo by Alastair Norcross
The Philosophy Department is located in the 1st and 2nd floors of Hellems Arts and Sciences Building. 
The main department office is in Hellems 169, where you can find the Department Program Assistant, Terri Baldridge, the Department Adminstrative Assistant (Megan Flaherty) and the Graduate Program Assistant (Karen Sites). 
The Graduate Student Lounge is located in Hellems 180. The graduate students have offices in Hellems 15, which you can find by taking the northwest stairwell to the basement. 
The Morris Reading Room is located in Hellems 269. It contains the Department Library, which is open to students for quiet study, most weekday mornings and early afternoons. For exact hours please check the hours posted outside the door, or contact
Prospective students who are interested in our graduate program are very welcome to visit. If you would like to visit, please contact Prof. Chris Heathwood, Director of Graduate Studies,, or Karen Sites, the Graduate Program Assistant, If you have specific questions for professors in the department about their specialties, you are welcome to contact them directly. Questions about the program can also be answered by the two graduate student co-presidents, Dawn Jacob and Thomas Bonn. Prospective students are welcome to visit graduate seminars as well as talks and events going on in the department. The department Admissions Officer typically arranges a ‘recruitment weekend’ or student visits in March or April, for students who have been made offers are deciding whether to attend.