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  1. Purpose of independent study. Independent Study is an opportunity to earn academic credit for learning outside the formal class structure. A student who is interested in knowing more about a topic not covered in the regular curriculum may propose a research project to any department faculty member. If faculty agrees that the topic is worth investigating, that it is not covered (or not covered in sufficient depth) in departmental courses, and that shares sufficient interest in the topic to supervise an independent study project, then they may agree to assign he/she an independent study contract. Faculty members are under no compulsion to accept Independent Study students, but do so only as their other load permit.
  2. Policies for independent study credit. You may not receive independent study credit for:
    1. Internship type experiences (prohibited by College policy).
    2. Work in a University department (prohibited by College policy).
    3. Substitute for regular course work(prohibited by College policy).
    4. To meet college List or Core requirement (prohibited by College policy).
    5. Work completed elsewhere (e.g. out of state) - (Department discretion).
    6. Volunteer work (can be acceptable if work is part of and germane to rest of independent study project).
    7. Work in business (can be acceptable if work is part of and germane to rest of independent study project).
    8. Extra work performed in association with a regular class (can be acceptable if all procedures in setting up the independent study are followed prior to the work being started).
  3. Description of contract. It will be necessary to explain the topic, the nature of the project and what outcome (paper, presentation, etc) is expected. A minimum of 25 hours (1500 minutes) of student time is required for each 1 semester hour of credit.
  4. Semester hours of credit allowed. The maximum hours allowed in independent study by College policy are as follows:
    1. 16 total towards degree
    2. 8 in any one department
    3. 6 in any semester
    4. For graduate students independent study courses cannot exceed 25 percent of course work required by the department.
  5. Eligibility:
    1. To be eligible students must be Philosophy Majors and have completed their freshman year.
    2. Independent study may not be done retroactively. That is, the contract for independent study should be completed, signed and approved prior to the initiation of the project, not after it has been completed.
    3. The deadline for enrolling independent study is census date (about two weeks after the start of the semester). It should not be added as an after thought "because I need one more hour this semester". Requests to "late add" independent study go through the petition process like any other course and the petition must be accompanied by a copy of the signed contract.
  6. Procedures. Click here for a copy of the form. Please fill out the form completely in conjunction with the faculty sponsor. Contract must be signed by the undergraduate advisor before a call number is issued. Call numbers will be issued by the faculty sponsor and by the undergraduate advisor.