The purpose of the Climate Committee is to explore how to make our department welcoming to everyone who is affiliated with it or would like to become affiliated with it. The Climate Committee would be happy to receive recommendations from faculty and students (graduate and undergraduate) about how best to achieve this goal. Please schedule an appointment with Climate Committee Chair, Brian Talbot:

Our committee is not the place to lodge complaints about specific actions of particular faculty, graduate students, or undergraduate students. Because our committee has no statutory authority to investigate or address such complaints, they should be brought to the Philosophy Department Chair, Matthias Steup:

Please be aware that if the complaint involves an allegation of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, protected class discrimination or harassment (which includes intimate partner violence and gender based stalking), or related retaliation, it is the obligation of any supervisor within the department, including the chair or any faculty member, teaching assistant, or supervisor of staff to report the complaint directly to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (Equity Office). Individuals are also highly encouraged to contact the Equity Office directly with complaints or concerns regardless of supervisory status. Upon referral to the Equity Office, staff will review the allegations and determine an appropriate course of action. Some cases can be handled informally and outside of the formal investigative process, although CU-Boulder will not mediate cases of sexual violence even on a voluntary basis. For cases that result in an investigation, those investigations are conducted by individuals who have received specialized training in those types of investigations. All investigations will be conducted in a prompt, thorough and impartial manner. The Equity Office's website has a list of protected classes, along with lots of other important information about the investigative process and resolution of complaints.