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The CU Youth Piano Program trains students through weekly group and private lessons. Instructors are experienced teachers from the College of Music, and the program is supervised by the CU Piano Pedagogy Chair, Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi. The lessons provide thorough instruction at the highest and most effective pedagogical standards while providing opportunities for fun, motivation and enjoyment of music.

Youth Piano: Private Lessons

Lessons are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters. We offer flexible lesson scheduling, from six to 14 lessons throughout the entire summer semester. Lessons will be located in Imig Music building.

The lessons include developing skills for:

  • Classical and popular pieces

  • Reading music

  • Healthy techniques

  • Ear training and music theory

  • Performance opportunities

Lessons target children age 6-17. New students will have a diagnostic lesson and parent interview during the first meeting with the instructor to determine their level and needs.

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One-hour, one-on-one lessons are $60 per hour. Half-hour lessons are $30 per 30-minute lesson.

We will make every effort to accommodate individual times, but exact lesson times will be determined after enrollment based on availability.

For children of CU Boulder staff and faculty, there is a 20% discount for lessons.

Youth Piano Enrollment

To enroll in lessons, email Katie Skayhan at

Youth Piano Policies


  • A piano or keyboard at home is required to complete the practice assignments. Families of beginners who do not currently own a piano or keyboard may want to purchase an inexpensive electronic keyboard.

  • Students will have practice and homework. Parents of younger students need to supervise that students practice regularly and finish the required homework.

  • Parents must drop and pick up students in a timely manner.

  • Parents of students younger than 12 must escort their children to the door of the studio where the lessons take place. For the student’s safety, please do not drop children at the door of the building.

  • We suggest that parents of younger students stay in the building during the lesson.

  • No food is allowed in the lesson facilities.

Make-up Lesson Policy

No refunds are provided for missed lessons. Please contact the instructor 24 hours in advance if you or your child needs to miss a lesson. For lessons missed due to student absences, up to two make-up lessons will be provided per semester. Make-up lessons usually take place at the end of the semester, but may be arranged with the instructor at a different time.

If the instructor must miss a lesson, we will try to contact you in advance if possible. In case of instructor absence, we will make an effort to provide make-up lessons for each missed lesson. If it is not possible to coordinate a convenient make-up time for both the student and instructor, we will provide alternatives so that the student can make-up the lesson(s) with a different instructor at a different time. Please contact email Katie Skayhan at for make-up lessons with different instructors.