Piano lessons with a faculty member are usually reserved for piano majors and require an audition. There are other options for piano study at CU.

CU Youth Piano Program

The CU Youth Piano Program trains students through weekly group and private lessons. Instructors are experienced teachers from the College of Music, and the program is supervised by the CU Piano Pedagogy Chair, Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi. The lessons provide thorough instruction at the highest and most effective pedagogical standards while providing opportunities for fun, motivation and enjoyment of music. Find more information on the Youth Piano Program page.

Piano for adults for through the university for credit or no credit

1. Piano class for beginners. We offer MUEL 1115 (FALL and SPRING) and MUEL 1125 (SPRING) for beginners. It is taught in a piano laboratory to a group of up to 12 students. MUEL 1115 is designed for absolute beginners. The offer 1 credit.

2. Piano through Continuing Education: The Applied Music Program in the Continuing Education department offers piano lessons for beginners for credit and non-credit.  Contact the Continuing Education department directly to enroll in this class. There is an extra fee.

Piano for adults, no university credit

In the fall of even years, the Piano Pedagogy program offers lessons for adult absolute beginners. These lessons are taught by undergraduate piano majors taking Elementary Pedagogy. A total of 10 lessons are offered through the semester. In the SPRING semesters (every year), the Piano Pedagogy program offers lessons for adults who have at least 2 or 3 years of prior piano lessons. These lessons are taught by undergraduate or graduate piano majors taking Pedagogy. A total of 9 lessons are offered through the semester.  

Information can be found at Beginning piano for non-music majors and Intermediate piano for non-majors, or contact the class piano coordinator Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi for information.