Todd Murray
Professor • Associate Chair, Personnel Committee Chair • Biomedical, Materials

Office Location: ECME 271
Lab Location: ECME 245

Research Interests

Material characterization, laser ultrasonics​

Professor Murray’s research has focused on the development of novel techniques for the characterization of materials, structures, and biological tissues in a non-invasive manner. He has developed laser-based ultrasonic approaches for the measurement of elastic and thermal properties of nanoscale materials and for the detection of subsurface defects in, for example, microelectronic components. His research also involves multimode imaging approaches utilizing both ultrasound and light to detect abnormalities, such as early stage tumors, buried deep within biological tissue. Additional research interests include elastic wave propagation, nanoparticle based sensors, and the development of laser-based techniques to interface with nanoscale mechanical devices.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

  • A. SampathKumar, K.L. Ekinci, and T.W. Murray, “Multiplexed optical operation of distributed nanoelectromechanical systems,” Nano Lett. 11(3) pp. 1014-1019 (2011).
  • S. Bramhavar, C. Prada, A.A. Maznev, A.G. Every, T.B. Norris, and T.W. Murray, “Negative refraction and focusing of elastic Lamb waves at an interface,” Phys. Rev. B, 83, 014106 (2011).
  • P. Lai, R.A. Roy, T.W. Murray, “Quantitative characterization of turbid media using pressure contrast acousto-optic imaging,” Opt. Lett. (34) 18 (2009).
  • IPPA (International Photoacoustic and Photothermal Association) Junior Research Award (2009).