Team 44 project photo
Above: A residential energy monitoring system shown on a counter-top.
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Jeremy Donhowe, Austin Urban, Clara Wilson, Katlyn Stockslager, Matthew Roberts. 

PowerVision empowers everyday homeowners to save energy by providing them with tangible energy usage data shown on a counter-top device. The product uses circuit transformers to read electricity usage data at the panel and sends it to the user interface using RF signals. PowerVision was created by Give-A-Watt, a team of five engineers who are passionate about sustainability.


Engineering for Social Innovation Project


  • Dave Drach
  • Walter Wong

Team Members

  • Jeremy Donhowe - Test and Systems Engineer
  • Matthew Roberts - Financial Manager
  • Katlyn Stockslager - Logistics Manager
  • Austin Urban - CAD and Manufacturing Engineer
  • Clara Wilson - Project Manager

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