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Above: The Exo-Seat attaches to a wheelchair and is designed to provide postural support and assist upper-body movement for those with multiple sclerosis.  
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Adam Smrekar, Mohammed Hussam Alsheikh, Eddie Herrick-Reynolds, Sonya Schuppan, Morgan Kauss, Brandon Lewien, Matt Human, Guanxiong Fu, Zhixian Jin. 

The Exo-Seat is a motorized seat belt system that attaches to a wheelchair. It is being made specifically for our client, Cindy, a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. The goal of the Exo-Seat is to provide postural support and enhance her upper body movement, resulting in increased independence and overall quality of life. Team members plan to continue developing this technology beyond the close of the semester. 


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