Team 26 project photoAbove: Therapeutic heat packs with a variable-setting temperature controller for NBA player injuries. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Jaeyoung Park, Eric Wilkinson, Ryan Jones, Faisal Alsumairi, Rolando Trujillo.

The NBA uses therapeutic heat packs on sidelines to curb player injuries. Today’s packs lose heat quickly, are unsanitary, and smell. The Milwaukee Bucks set out to redesign these packs to make them more safe, effective, and desirable to use. The team’s final design features a variable-setting temperature controller and is made of nonporous material, which renders it disease and smell resistant.


Sponsored by the Milwaukee Bucks


Jack Zable

Team Members

  • Faisal Alsumairi - Logistics Manager
  • Ryan Jones - Financial Manager
  • Jaeyoung Park - Manufacturing & CAD Engineer
  • Rolando Trujillo - Project Manager
  • Eric Wilkinson - Systems & Test Engineer

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