Team 23 project photo
Above: A piezoelectric sensor test fixture. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Emily Page, Tré Tiff, Christopher Doyle, Justin Hilbert, Kendall Holloway, Matthew Jaeckel, Kristin Bogar-Satterfield. 

The piezoelectric sensor test fixture was designed to echo a carnival ‘High Striker’ for Los Alamos National Laboratory. The test fixture uses a sound box to focus pressure waves onto a thin film piezoelectric sensor and reads the voltage output using LabView. The data is stored and used to build a trend line characterizing the range of the sensor when it undergoes high speed, high impact forces.


Sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratories


Christoph Keplinger

Team Members

  • Kristin Bogar-Satterfield - Test Engineer
  • Christopher Doyle - Project Manager
  • Justin Hilbert - Systems Engineer
  • Kendall Holloway - Financial Manager
  • Matthew Jaeckel - CAD Engineer
  • Emily Page - Logistics Manager
  • Tré Tiff - Manufacturing Engineer

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