Team 17 project photo
Above: A device to help in milling thin-walled parts. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Sunny Klein, John Shanley, Wyatt Cauble, Joe Knapp, Michael Lajevardi, Hunter Fuqua. 

When milling thin-walled parts, time is consumed to create fixtures and plugs to secure parts. Using our workholding technology, the Flux Capacitor, we have significantly reduced the setup effort for securing parts. To secure the part, it is placed inside the rig and surrounded by magnetic ferrofluid, it is then lowered near a neodymium magnet that actuates the fluid and locks the part into place.


Sponsored by Accu-Precision


Bob Linden

Team Members

  • Wyatt Cauble - Manufacturing Engineer
  • Hunter Fuqua - Logistics Manager
  • Sunny Klein - Systems/Test Engineer
  • Joe Knapp - CAD Engineer
  • Michael Lajevardi - Financial Manager
  • John Shanley - Project Manager

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