Team 16 project photo
Above: An autonomous system for ground-based Warfighter protection, supply and/or evacuation. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Dan Walton, Natasha Ouellette, Dan Nave, Austin Ross, Noah Verspohl, Chris Lehr, Daniel Malek, Luke McConnell. 

Our project’s sole focus is protecting the US warfighter in hostile situations and environments. The final design is a modular proof of concept, which provides active detection of a threat, prompting the system to deploy barriers for US warfighters to take shelter behind, increasing their survivability in hostile situations and alerting them to the direction of fire.


Sponsored by Army Research Office (ARO)


Stefan Berkower

Team Members

  • Chris Lehr - Systems Engineer
  • Daniel Malek - Manufacturing Engineer
  • Luke McConnell - Computer Scientist
  • Dan Nave - CAD Engineer
  • Natasha Ouellette - Test Engineer
  • Dan Walton - Project Manager
  • Austin Ross - Logistics Manager
  • Noah Verspohl - Financial Manager

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