The CU Boulder Baja senior design project enters a collegiate level competition hosted by SAE International to design, build, and race a single-seater, off-road vehicle. It must be able to withstand rough terrain including rocks, logs, and pits. The 2023 CU Boulder team has designed a new vehicle focused on optimizing performance by minimizing vehicle size and weight. This includes secondary goals such as improving suspension and steering kinematics, and integration for better overall vehicle dynamics




Peter Himpsel

Team Members

  • Audrey Plzak
  • Kayla Ployhar
  • Liam Travis
  • Devin Wong
  • Josh Priest
  • Guillermo Blandon
  • Alec Shelton
  • Cameron Sprenger
  • Erick Urbano
  • Jake Bivens
  • Nolan Chinn
  • Patrick Watson

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