Team 14 project photo
Above: A robot designed improve safety and efficiency of wind turbine blade repair.
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Peter Booras, Sam Brown, Jake Geraci, Daniel Llorca, Zhenhua Lu, Patrick Bodine-Ellison.

When wind turbine blades are damaged by lightning strikes or high-speed impacts, the repair process can be costly, tedious, and dangerous for the technicians involved. Working alongside Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, our team developed a robot designed to traverse wind turbine blades and perform precision grinding operations to improve the safety and efficiency of wind turbine blade repair.


Sponsored by Siemens Gamesa


Mohit Gupta

Team Members

  • Patrick Bodine-Ellison - Project Manager
  • Peter Booras - CAD Engineer
  • Sam Brown - Test Engineer and Financial Manager
  • Jake Geraci - Logistics Manager
  • Daniel Llorca - Manufacturing Engineer
  • Zhenhua Lu - Systems Engineer

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