team 9

A prosthetic finger created specifically for our client in order to help him more easily perform tasks.

Our team partnered with Quality of Life Plus to create a product that actively improves the life of our client, a Navy veteran. He sustained injuries resulting in the loss of approximately 1⁄2 of an inch past the center knuckle of his right index finger. We created a body driven prosthetic finger with a linkage mechanism to help our client bend his finger so he can more easily perform tasks.


Quality of Life Plus (QL+)


Rebecca Komarek

Team Members

  • Ahmad Alhashmi
  • Cullen Flynn
  • Nate Gillaspy
  • Emmalie Markham
  • Haley Passov
  • Kelly Sikora
  • Jose Sandoval
  • Isaai Urbina

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