Team 6 project photo
Above: A chemical sample tray gripper actuated with Shape Memory Alloy wires. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Abdullah Alsaffar, Gordon Salemann, Omar Alhasan, Davis Robertson, Robert Hunt, Mohammad Subah, Absulrahman Alsaleh. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for labs to manufacture lifesaving drugs quickly and reliably. Our project was to design a chemical sample tray gripper actuated with Shape Memory Alloy wires. The high power to weight ratio of the wires reduces the weight of our gripper, allowing it to be moved quickly and precisely, enabling labs to make lifesaving drugs faster than ever before.


Sponsored by Festo


Robert MacCurdy

Team Members

  • Omar Alhasan - Manufacturing Engineer
  • Abdullah Alsaffar - CAD Engineer
  • Absulrahman Alsaleh - Test Engineer
  • Robert Hunt - Financial Manager
  • Davis Robertson - Systems Engineer
  • Gordon Salemann - Project Manager
  • Mohammad Subah - Logistics Manager

Project Links

  • Project Whitepaper (check back for link)

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