A Hazardous Materials Response Team (HAZMAT Team) is an organized group of hazardous materials technicians that are responsible for containing and mitigating contamination leaks and taking actions to limit personnel exposure to hazardous materials. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has requested the development of a miniature, hand operated device, that can reliably crimp and seal a 1/8” diameter stainless steel tube to a very low leak rate to be carried and used in emergency situations. This tool will be used to restrict the flow of hazardous materials.


Los Alamos National Laboratory


Paul Brayford

Team Members

  • Zach Mason - Project Manager
  • Andrew Helmsen - Logistic Manager
  • Torin Jensen - Financial Manager
  • Alex Platt - Manufacturing Engineer
  • Kennedy Adams - CAD Engineer
  • Mario Pace - Systems Engineer
  • Graham Armstrong - Test Engineer
  • Elvin Chateauvert - Electro-Mechanical Engineer

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