Team 4 project photo
Above: A device to detect impedance variances due to the varying thickness of an elastomer material on a microscopic level. Details removed to protect IP. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Ryan Mahon, Sydney Levy, Marshall Engelhard, Alejandro Perez, Genevieve Bachelder, Ian Claras. 

Team 4 was sponsored by ConMed to create an impedance testing system for an electrosurgical device. The main challenge was to create a reliable test that could interface with a polymer coating without compromising said coating. Team 4 constructed a customized test bench to maximize efficiency and tested for different materials that could interface with the device without damaging it.


Sponsored by ConMed


Xiaoyun Ding

Team Members

  • Genevieve Bachelder - Manufacturing/CAD Engineer
  • Ian Claras - Logistics Manager
  • Marshall Engelhard - Project Manager
  • Sydney Levy - Systems Engineer
  • Ryan Mahon - Test Engineer
  • Alejandro Perez - Financial Manager

Project Links

  • No whitepaper due to IP considerations
  • Team Bios

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