Team 3 Project Photo
Above: A design to help maintain cleanliness of beverage manufacturing machines with minimum human interaction. 
Top Image: Team members from left to right: Ryan Smith, Changyun Wang, Elizabeth Amy Santoso, Arsen Bassenov, Richard Ortecho, Jiajun Wang. 

In manufacturing beverage cans, a coating, called the IC spray, is applied to the interior surface. As the coating shoots into the cans, there is a significant amount of blowback. Spray that did not adhere to the can rebounds, which causes buildup on and around the machine. The goal of this project is to maintain cleanliness of the machine with minimum human interaction.


Sponsored by Ball Corporation


Pat Maguire

Team Members

  • Arsen Bassenov - Test/Systems Engineer
  • Richard Ortecho - Project Manager
  • Elizabeth Amy Santoso - Logistics Manager
  • Ryan Smith - Manufacturing Engineer
  • Changyun Wang - CAD Engineer
  • Jiajun Wang - Financial Manager

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