Medical 'microrobots' could one day treat bladder disease, according to study coauthored by Nick Bottenus

May 30, 2023

Engineers have designed a new class of 'microrobots' several times smaller than the width of a human hair that may be able to treat human illnesses like interstitial cystitis.


New seed grants bring quantum out of the lab, into the marketplace

May 22, 2023

New seed grants available for Colorado research institutions and industry partners aim to incentivize innovation and develop the quantum workforce of the future.

CEAS building

Top 10: College hits milestone in 2024 Best Graduate School rankings

April 26, 2023

Dean Keith Molenaar said the college’s climb from No. 20 public in 2016 to No. 10 public in 2024 represents a commitment to leading large-scale interdisciplinary research that generates fundamental knowledge and translates to positive impact on society.

Solid Power

CU Boulder spinout Solid Power is building a better battery for consumers and the climate

April 24, 2023

In taking its technology from the lab to the streets, Solid Power is changing how electric vehicles run with less expensive, more efficient and safer battery technology.

CU Boulder campus

New external collaborations highlight $1.4 million in Research & Innovation Seed Grants

April 23, 2023

The program and projects signify an investment in the future research and scholarly or artistic vitality of the university. Two of the awardees include professors in mechanical engineering.

Carson Bruns Close Up

Bruns lands prestigious NSF CAREER research award to usher in next generation of “smart tattoos”

April 3, 2023

Assistant Professor Carson Bruns has received a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Award for research that investigates how the art of tattooing can incorporate the latest advances in nanotechnology to improve human health.

Shelly Miller

Engineering’s Shelly Miller to deliver Distinguished Research Lecture on April 20

March 24, 2023

Miller was recently honored with a 2022 Distinguished Research Lectureship – one of the highest awards bestowed upon a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder by their peers. It honors a faculty member who has been with CU Boulder for at least five years and is widely recognized for a distinguished body of academic or creative achievement and prominence, as well as contributions to the educational and service missions of the university.

Longji Cui thumbnail

Cui earns CAREER Award for research in nanoelectronics and renewable energy technology

March 16, 2023

Assistant Professor Longji Cui has received a prestigious National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award for research he hopes will improve the next generation of nanoelectronics and renewable energy technology.


New ‘gym-on-a-chip’ for worms may lead to new Parkinson’s treatments

March 3, 2023

A team of biologists and engineers at CU Boulder recently led an exercise class for tiny worms—and their findings could one day help doctors treat humans with Parkinson’s disease and similar illnesses.


Professor Corey Neu describes how mechanical forces in a beating heart affect its cells' DNA

Feb. 20, 2023

Mechanical forces can reorganize the genetic material inside the nucleus of heart cells and affect how they develop and function. Better understanding of how cells claim and maintain their identities may help advance treatments to repair heart damage from cardiovascular disease and create new prosthetic tissues.