Nathan McNeill
CMU Partnership Program Director • Associate Teaching Professor • Engineering Education, Thermal Energy Systems​

Research Interests

International educational experiences for engineers, acoustics of educational environments, thermal energy systems

My research interests are primarily in the area of engineering education. Specifically, I am interested in how the educational environment and various resources (cognitive, epistemic, and physical resources such as textual materials) support student learning.

Select Publications

Cox, M. F., Cawthorne, J., McNeill, N. J., Cekic, O., Frye, M., & Stacer, M. (2011). Assessing the Pedagogical Impact of the VaNTH Engineering Research Center on Faculty and Postdoctoral Professionals. International Journal for the Scholarship of
Teaching and Learning, 5(2), 1-19.

Cox, M. F., Hahn, J., McNeill, N., Cekic, O., Zhu, J., & London, J. (2011). Enhancing the Quality of Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistants through Multidimensional Feedback. Advances in Engineering Education, 2(3), 1-20.