Instructor Michael Walker at CU Boulder's Department of Mechanical Engineering
Associate Teaching Professor • Energy Engineering Minor Director • Thermo Fluid Sciences

Office Location: ECME 134


  • MCEN 3032: Thermo 2
  • MCEN 4032: Sustainable Energy
  • EVEN 4434: Environmental Eng. Senior Design
  • ENEN 4600: Energy Engineering Projects

Research Interests

Energy-water nexus, thermoelectric power plants, gasification, carbon capture and sequestration, industrial steam systems, engineering education

*I am not currently research active and am not accepting grad student applications*

Select Publications

  • Walker, M.E.; Lv, Z.; Masanet, E. (2013). Industrial Steam Systems and the Energy-Water Nexus. Environmental Science & Technology47(22), 13060-13067.
  • Walker, M.E.; Theregowda, R.B.; Safari, I.; Hsieh, M.K.; Abbasian, J.; Arastoopour, H.; Dzombak, D.A.; Miller, D.C. (2013). Utilization of Municipal Wastewater for Cooling in Thermoelectric Power Plants: Evaluation of the Combined Cost of Makeup Water Treatment and Increased Condenser Fouling. Energy, 60, 139-147.
  • Walker, M.E.; Safari, I.; Theregowda, R.B.; Hsieh, M.K.; Abbasian, J.; Arastoopour, H.; Dzombak, D.A.; Miller, D.C. (2012). Economic Impact of Condenser Fouling in Existing Thermoelectric Power Plants. Energy44, 429-437.
  • Walker, M.E.; Abbasian, J.; Chmielewski, D.J.; Castaldi, M.J. (2011). Dry Gasification Oxy-Combustion Power Cycle. Energy & Fuels25, 2258-2266

    Select Awards

    • Environmental Engineering Faculty Appreciation Award awarded by the CU Boulder Environmental Engineering Program in 2019
    • John and Mercedes Peebles Innovation in Education Award awarded by the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science in 2017
    • Marinus Smith Award awarded by the University of Colorado Boulder in 2017