Mark Borden
Associate Professor • Biomedical, Materials

ECME 267 B

My research group investigates the science and engineering of microbubbles and other soft matter colloidal suspensions for use in biomedical imaging and therapy. We employ the composition/processing → structure → property → performance paradigm to generate innovative molecular imaging probes and drug/gene delivery vehicles. We also seek to address relevant knowledge gaps in colloid science, soft matter physics and biomaterials science necessary to derive those interrelationships. A major thrust of our work is to develop the science of injectable theranostic (therapy + diagnostic) materials that can provide both stimulus-response and imaging functions for real-time, in vivo feedback control of therapy.

Research Interests:

Biomaterials, Microbubbles, Theranostics

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Kwan, Borden. (2012). “Lipid monolayer mechanics during microbubble gas exchange.” Soft Matter. 8:4756-4766

Feshitan JA, Vlachos F, Sirsi SR, Konofagou EE, Borden MA. (2012). “Theranostic Gd(III)-lipid microbubbles for MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery.” Biomaterials, 33:247-255.

Sirsi SR, Hernandez S, Zielinski L, Blomback H, Koubaa A, Synder M, Homma S, Kandel JJ, Yamashiro DJ, Borden MA. (2012). “Polyplex-microbubble hybrids for ultrasound-guided plasmid DNA delivery to solid tumors.” Journal of Controlled Release, 157:224–234. COVER STORY.