Marina Vance headshot
Associate Professor • McLagan Family Fellow • Air Quality, Micro/Nanoscale

Office Location: SEEC S286A

Research Interests

Indoor and outdoor air pollution, dynamics of ultrafine aerosols, consumer exposure to incidental or engineered nanomaterials

Dr. Marina Vance’s research is focused on air quality, particularly on measuring emissions and understanding the dynamics of aerosols in the context of ambient and indoor air quality. Applications of her research range from consumer safety and "safer by design" consumer products, to indoor and outdoor air pollution, soiling of photovoltaic panels and sustainability, and exposure science.

Societal Impact

Air pollution shortens human life spans from a few months to years depending on location. Our research aims to reduce people's exposure to air pollutants and other emerging contaminants to improve quality of life worldwide.

Select Publications

Select Awards

  • Outstanding Young Alumni, Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2018
  • US EPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (STAA), Level III, 2016
  • Academic Excellence and Leadership Honor Society of Graduate Students, 2012
  • Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society, Founding Member, 2011