Jianliang Xiao
Associate Professor • Mechanics of Materials, Micro/Nanoscale

Office Location: ECME 218
Lab Location: ECME 115

Research Interests

Mechanics of nanomaterials, soft materials, stretchable/flexible electronics

Stretchable/flexible electronics offers the electronic performance of conventional wafer-based devices, but with the mechanical properties of a rubber band, which enables applications that are impossible for hard, planar integrated circuits that exist today. Examples are flexible display, bio-integrated diagnostic and therapeutic implements, bio-inspired devices, and wearable electronics. My primary research interests include stretchable electronics, and mechanics of thin films on soft substrates. The goal is to develop high performance materials and devices of wide application, and to advance our understanding of the fundamental physics and mechanics.

Nanomaterials, such as nanotubes, nanowires, and graphenes, possess extraordinary mechanical and electrical properties, and are good candidates for next-generation devices and electronics. My research includes theoretical study of mechanical behaviors of nanomaterials, and their interaction with substrates.

Select Publications and Accomplishments

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  • R.-H. Kim, D.-H. Kim, J. Xiao, B. H. Kim, S.-I. Park, B. Panilaitis, R. Ghaffari, J. Yao, M. Li, Z. Liu, V. Malyarchuk, D. G. Kim, A.-P. Le, R. G. Nuzzo, D. L. Kaplan, F. G. Omenetto, Y. Huang, Z. Kang, and J. A. Rogers, Waterproof AlInGaP optoelectronics on stretchable substrates with applications in biomedicine and robotics, Nature Materials 9, 929-937 (2010)
  • J. Xiao, S. Dunham, P. Liu, Y. Zhang, C. Kocabas, L. Moh, Y. Huang, K.-C. Hwang, C. Lu, W. Huang and J. A. Rogers, Alignment controlled growth of single walled carbon nanotubes on quartz substrates, Nano Letters 9, 4311-4319 (2009).