Hope Michelson headshot
Associate Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale

Office Location: ECME 134
Lab Location: ECME 1B68 / ECNW 180

Research Interests

Soot, combustion, black carbon, climate change, carbon black

Associate Professor Hope Michelsen’s research program is broadly focused on the formation, evolution, and environmental impact of carbonaceous particles under a wide range of conditions. This work involves studies of soot formation during combustion, black carbon evolution in the atmosphere, and particle synthesis under controlled conditions. It additionally entails development and deployment of laser- and X-ray-based diagnostics and instrumentation for combustion and atmospheric applications.

Societal Impact

Soot is responsible for millions of deaths annually, severe degradation of air quality, and enhanced global warming, but it also has significant industrial importance. Dr. Michelsen’s research is aimed at developing an understanding of soot and other carbon-particle formation in order to reduce their emissions, understand their atmospheric impacts, and control their characteristics for commercial applications.

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  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • Fellow, The Optical Society
  • Associate Editor, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
  • Inductee, Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame