Greg Rieker
Associate Professor • Vogel Family Faculty Fellow • Research and Innovation Faculty Fellow • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality

ECME 226

Research Interests:

Laser-Based Sensing and Control in Energy, Atmospheric and Industrial Systems

Prof. Rieker leads the Precision Laser Diagnostics Laboratory, which aims to understand and improve energy and atmospheric systems through laser-based sensing. Activities in the laboratory span from fundamental science (light-matter interaction) to applied science (practical sensing in real world systems).  The laboratory places strong emphasis on entrepreneurship in academic pursuits, from challenging the traditional ways that research has been carried out in a particular field, to actively commercializing technologies that can have a positive impact on our future.  The laboratory recently spun out LongPath Technologies, Prof. Rieker’s second startup, that will offer methane monitoring and leak detection services on a regional basis for oil and gas companies.  Prof. Rieker has a particular interest in mentoring and developing students into multi-faceted engineers – that is, engineers who are not only excellent researchers, but leaders, communicators, and entrepreneurs with an eye toward creating opportunity for themselves and others.  He tries to put this interest into practice in his student mentorship, outreach, and classroom teaching.

Societal Impact

The work in our laboratory improves regional air quality, increases homeland security, informs combustion system design, and transforms our energy future through the creation of new technologies and real-world translation of those technologies.

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