Members of the team at the 2018 Engineering Design Expo at Coors Events Center.

Bike drivetrain design wins 2018 Eurobike Innovation Award

July 11, 2018

A senior design project for a new type of bicycle drivetrain is getting major attention in the...

Natasha Ouellette

"#ILookLikeAnEngineer is about confronting our biases about what we expect from engineers." - Natasha Ouellette

June 29, 2018

When I moved to Boulder and started classes, it took me almost three weeks to stop being so excited about college that I wasn't stressed at all. When the novelty began to wear off, I was suddenly hit with a wave of feeling anxious, out-of-place, like I was drifting without...

Jaejune Lee plays with a prototype of the Rain Game. (Credit: Jade Cody/Boulder Valley School District)

Rain Game brings science learning to children in the hospital

June 4, 2018

Brian Jernigan is working to bring science learning to students who can’t come to class in person: young patients in pediatric hospitals. That goal was on display May 17 in Mark Appling’s class at Ryan Elementary School in Lafayette, Colorado. There, third-grader Jaejune Lee played with an unusual toy. A...

 Adjustable Drill Apparatus Team photo.

Engineering Projects Expo 2018 takes over Coors Events Center

April 30, 2018

Lights flashed, buzzers rang and attendees watched with rapt attention at the home of University of Colorado Boulder basketball – but with 143 teams in attendance, this was no basketball game. Welcome to the first ever CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science college-wide Engineering Projects Expo, where hundreds...

Curtis Huggins

Research Spotlight - Curtis Huggins

April 27, 2018

During the summer of my sophomore year my dad and I built a 20’x30’x18’ active solar greenhouse which circulates air between two plenums connected by 900 ft of perforated corrugated pipe within a 3000 cubic foot soil heatsink below the greenhouse. The system captures daytime heat and moisture, stores it...

Two students working on the project.

Blog: Seniors designing tech for pediatric brain imaging

April 19, 2018

Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Colorado Boulder are teaming up with research teams nationwide to develop a ground-breaking brain imaging system for pediatric patients. Centered around the incredible µOPM sensor technology developed by the Knappe Research Lab in the ME department at CU Boulder, a team of six...

Two students working on a cooler device for long term storage of medical supplies following natural disasters.

Blog: Senior designing for social good

April 19, 2018

Two students working on a cooler device for long term storage of medical supplies following natural disasters. Keats Dormont is making the world a better place through mechanical engineering. The University of Colorado Boulder undergraduate student is part of a new senior design course within the Department of Mechanical Engineering...

A metal 3D printed object.

Blog: Next generation metal 3D printing

April 19, 2018

Propeller-shaped part printed by team for flaw detection using vibrational analysis. In the last several years, 3D printing has taken off as a convenient method to creating plastic parts. It has become a relatively cheap and quick way to rapidly prototype a design concept with potentially complex geometries before taking...

Testing the device in view of the Flatirons

Blog: Designing a UAV system that can outsmart a thunderstorm

April 19, 2018

Alex Lubar reads the anemometer measurements while Wilson Hughes flies a drone at CU Boulder South Campus. Domino’s, UPS, Amazon, and the United States military are just a few examples of institutions interested in using drones as automated delivery systems for financial, logistical, and environmental reasons. Drones save on employee...

National Science Foundation logo.

NSF honors students with Graduate Research Fellowships in 2018

The National Science Foundation is honoring six current or incoming University of Colorado Boulder mechanical engineering students with Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) awards and five students with honorable mentions.