Amanda Makowiecki

Graduate Student of the Month - Amanda Makowiecki

Nov. 12, 2018

Amanda grew up in the land of ‘Live free or die’ where she could be found shooting off fireworks, driving without seatbelts (just kidding, be safe kids) and gazing at the profile of the Old Man of the Mountain (rest in peace). Amanda now works on developing and deploying diagnostics...

Rene Nsanzineza headshot

Rene Nsanzineza - Air Quality

Nov. 12, 2018

Rene Nsanzineza is a 5th year PhD candidate in Professor Jana Milford’s group. This research group specializes in regional and local air quality modeling with focus on the environmental impacts of energy systems. Rene’s research focuses on the air quality implications of future scenarios for oil and natural gas production...

Andrew Tomaschke with dad and skis

Graduate Student of the Month - Andrew Tomaschke

Oct. 12, 2018

Andrew was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He completed his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University at Buffalo in 2011. During his undergraduate studies, he interned as a mechanical estimator for a local mechanical contractor. Upon graduation, he worked for Glauber Equipment Corporation where he performed compressed air...

Samantha Palma

"I love the challenge and excitement that is involved with engineering." - Samantha Palma #ILookLikeAnEngineer

Sept. 24, 2018

#ILookLikeAnEngineer What does the #iLookLikeAnEngineer hashtag mean to you? There is no good way to explain to someone how it feels to be degraded because people do not think that you could be an engineer, whether it is because of your gender, race, height, intelligence, etc. I've felt it. I...

Adrienne Scott

A career where I could always keep learning

Name: Adrienne Scott Hometown: Zionsville, PA Major: Mechanical Engineering PhD Student Advisor: Corey Neu I grew up on a farm outside of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Exploring my farm as a child I was always interested in how the world worked and luckily, I had great parents who could answer all my...

David Pfotenhauer

How astronomy brought me back to Earth

Name: David Pfotenhauer Hometown: Madison, WI Major: Mechanical Engineering PhD Student Advisor: Mike Hannigan , Hannigan Lab I was born and raised in the glorious city of Madison Wisconsin. As I grew up surrounded by cheese, corn fields, and Packers Football, I also managed to develop an inclination for mathematics...

Omkar Supekar

Discovering the mountains

Name: Omkar Supekar Hometown: Vadodara, Gujarat, India Major: Mechanical Engineering PhD Student Advisor: Victor Bright , CU MEMS Group I was born in Vadodara, a city in the state of Gujarat in India. However, I moved around India growing up, mostly in the western and central parts of India. Growing...

Timothy Morrissey

Starting a spin-out business with my advisor

Name: Timothy Morrissey Hometown: Little Falls, NY Major: Mechanical Engineering PhD Student Advisor: Christoph Keplinger , Keplinger Research Group I grew up in a small town in upstate New York. I was always drawn to traditional STEM topics and had typical interests of many technologically oriented kids: fixing bikes, working...

Jaylene Martinez

Aiming for a PhD after SMART research program

Name: Jaylene Martinez Hometown: Ojo Sarco, NM Major: Mechanical Engineering PhD Student Advisor: Yifu Ding, Nanostructured Polymer Lab As a young Chicana, I grew up in a small Northern New Mexico town named Ojo Sarco. I was taught to work hard with my hands and live off the land. Growing...

Distinguished Seminar Series 2018-19 thumbnail

2018-19 Distinguished Seminar Series

Sept. 7, 2018

The 2018-19 Distinguished Seminar Series enables an opportunity for students and faculty among others to learn from six impressive mechanical engineering thought-leaders. This year, we welcome Ellen Arruda, Mark Campbell, Dennis Discher, Harriet Nembhard, David Y.H. Pui, and Alice White from institutions across the nation. They will discuss topics ranging...