Simon Hafner research

Passion for renewable energy leads to battery research

May 7, 2019

Mechanical engineering BS/MS student and Boettcher Scholar Simon Hafner was selected as the Spring 2019 College of Engineering and Applied Science Outstanding Graduate for Research. The goal of his research was to increase the energy density and lifetime of batteries, so they can be replaced less often for a lower price.

Stride Tech walker

Engineering grads’ high-tech walker could keep seniors from falling

May 6, 2019

Four ME undergraduates worked with senior residents to test an invention for walkers that could help prevent debilitating falls. The team, known as Stride Tech, received the first-place prize of $100,000 at the New Venture Challenge.

Dani Loma-Jasso

Undergraduate Student of the Month - Daniarely Loma-Jasso

May 3, 2019

Daniarely Loma-Jasso said she has learned how to help the world through engineering at CU Boulder and hopes to start a career in the renewable energy industry. She was involved with SHPE, the BOLD Center and Inspired Dreamers. Loma-Jasso can't wait to graduate and accomplish the things she once dreamed as a young girl.

Siemens Gamesa capstone design project

Siemens Gamesa partners with CU students to develop drone-based monitoring system for wind turbines

April 22, 2019

CU Boulder engineering students are finalizing an infrared imaging system that will allow a user to monitor subsurface features in wind turbine blades, an invention that could make wind turbine repair safer, faster and more cost-efficient.

QL+ capstone design project

Veterans challenge CU Boulder capstone students to design for improved quality of life

April 22, 2019

Mechanical engineering capstone teams working with QL+ had two primary aims: making an impact on a wounded veteran’s life and putting mechanical skills to the test. They designed a luggage carrier device for wheelchair users and a disabled swimmer lift system.

Syd Levy headshot

Undergraduate Student of the Month - Syd Levy

April 12, 2019

While Syd loves Mechanical Engineering, it is far from his only interest. Syd currently works in the THING Lab at ATLAS Institute and has been part of Engineers without Borders Rwanda, Biomedical Engineering Society and CU Emergency Medical Services.

Kelsea Keenan

Undergraduate Student of the Month - Kelsea Keenan

March 4, 2019

Kelsea Keenan works at the ITLL, was the President of Theta Tau and was awarded the ImagineCU mechanical mentorship role. She would like to work with energy systems to create sustainable solutions to fight climate change and would like to be a role model to women in STEM fields.

Gabe Rodriguez portrait

Undergraduate Student of the Month - Gabe Rodriguez

Jan. 1, 2019

My name is Gabe Rodriguez. I was born in San Jose, CA, but I moved to Highlands Ranch, CO nearly 13 years ago. I'm currently a senior in Mechanical Engineering and am also minoring in Computer Science. I plan to spend another year in school to finish with a BS/MS...

Sebastian Metcalf headshot

Graduate Student of the Month - Sebastian Metcalf

Dec. 3, 2018

My name is Sebastian Metcalf and I'm from Longmont, CO. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering as a part of the BS/MS. concurrent program. I would like to express my gratitude towards the students and faculty who’ve truly altered my life for the better over the last 5 years.

ME Alumni Connect Day 2018 panelists

Alumni bring ME Alumni Connect Day 2018 to life

Nov. 28, 2018

Alumni are changing the way students connect with industry, demonstrated by the 500+ students and 45 alumni attending ME Alumni Connect Day 2018. The third annual ME Alumni Connect Day was a huge success!