The Unspun Team

Five Senior Design Teams Graduating With Patents In Their Name

May 1, 2017

Five groups of students graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder mechanical engineering senior design program are leaving with patents in their name. "The amount of intellectual property in this program is massive," said program co-instructor Daria Kotys-Schwartz. All of the more than 250 undergraduate and graduate students will come... Read more »
The Lockheed Martin Team

2017 Senior Design Expo Winners + Photos

April 28, 2017

Congratulations to the 250+ students who took part in Graduate and Senior Design. The 2017 Expo was April 28, 2017 at the Idea Forge. Awards Graduate Design Graduate Team - NIST High Speed Impulse Generator Senior Design 1st (tie) - The Bestop Super Top Team and the Lockheed Martin NASA... Read more »
Daria-Kotys Schwartz at the Award Celebration

Daria Kotys-Schwartz wins Student Impact Award

April 25, 2017

Twenty-five staff and faculty members received the 2017 Marinus Smith Award on Friday, April 21, during a reception hosted by the University of Colorado Boulder New Student & Family Programs office. The awards were presented to the recipients by Amber Cardamone, director of New Student & Family Programs. The Marinus... Read more »
The Kelvin device.

Funding Sets Stage for Mechanical Engineering Smartphone Spinoff to Commercialize

April 11, 2017

Kelvin Thermal Technologies Inc., a smartphone-technology startup from two University of Colorado Boulder mechanical engineering professors, raised $200,000 in private equity to match a $250,000 grant from the state of Colorado. The company has developed a new method of cooling smartphones, Y.C. Lee , president and CEO, told BizWest. When... Read more »
Caelan Lapointe at London Bridge.

Lapointe Lands NSF Graduate Fellowship

March 30, 2017

From rebuilding disaster-stricken communities to studying the effect of climate change on human migration...Read more »
David Pfotenhauer

MechE doctoral student works for better air quality in Denver communities

March 20, 2017

When David Pfotenhauer decided to pursue a PhD at CU Boulder, he knew that he wanted to specialize in an application-based science that would allow him get out into communities and use his knowledge to address public issues.Read more »
Article simulation

MechE Paper is a Top 10 Most Cited Article in Applied Physics Letters for 2016

Feb. 27, 2017

A CU Boulder mechanical engineering team is earning accolades for their solar materials research. The journal Applied Physics Letters is highlighting professor Ronggui Yang and two of his PhD students, Xin Qian and Xiaokun Gu, for their study of a hybrid organic-inorganic material that has green energy applications. A paper... Read more »
Xiaobo Yin and Ronngui Yang in a lab with the film.

Chill Out! Newly engineered material can cool roofs with zero energy consumption

Feb. 9, 2017

A team of University of Colorado Boulder engineers has developed a scalable manufactured metamaterial, an engineered material with extraordinary properties not found in nature — to act as a kind of air conditioning system for structures. It has the ability to cool objects even under direct sunlight with zero energy... Read more »
Greg Rieker

Laser Emissions Study lands on KUNC radio

Feb. 6, 2017

Greg Rieker's Precision Laser Diagnostics lab has earned a $1.3 million grant and Northern Colorado National Public Radio affiliate KUNC has the scoop.Read more »
A state-of-the-art gimbal with a custom-built telescope and laser pitch / catch system automatically scans the field for retroreflectors, which are too small to be seen in the distance.

CU Boulder team to track methane leaks using lasers

Jan. 26, 2017

A team of researchers led by the University of Colorado Boulder has secured a $1.3 million grant from the...Read more »