Rebekah Haysley

'Engineering is all about thinking outside the box to find the best solution.' - Rebekah Haysley

Jan. 19, 2018

The part of engineering that I enjoy the most is the creativity. I've been on several projects where we get to go through the entire design process–brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and iterating–and I always learn so much from the experience. Engineering is all about thinking outside the box in order to... Read more »
Frank Kreith

In Memorium: Professor Frank Kreith

Jan. 16, 2018

Dr. Frank Kreith, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, has died. He was 95.Read more »
Screenshot of part of the new website.

New Design Center Colorado website

Jan. 5, 2018

DCC, a leading industry/education design program, has a new website for students and project sponsors.Read more »
Water droplets moving.

Water droplets literally jump off a ‘water-hating’ material

Dec. 28, 2017

Insects that walk on the surface of ponds and self-cleaning lotus leaves are just two examples of the myriad ways nature has devised surfaces that are ultra–water-repellant. University of Colorado Boulder mechanical engineering Professors YC Lee and Ronggui Yang have devised their own versions of what are known as superhydrophobic... Read more »
A student on an battery-operated drill-powered vehicle.

Flickr Album: Component Design Runoff Fall 2017

Dec. 14, 2017

Mechanical Engineering students took part in the Fall 2017 Component Design Competition runoff this week, facing off their battery-operated-drill-driven bicycles and tricycles against other teams of students. Component Design is a required junior level course that applies mechanics and materials science to the detailed design of various machine elements including... Read more »
Zhengwei Li

Zhengwei Li wins Best Dissertation Award

Dec. 13, 2017

Congratulations to Zhengwei Li for winning the inaugural Steven M. Woodward Outstanding Dissertation Award from the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Li's research spans mechanics of stretchable electronics and optoelectronics, mechanics of soft materials, stretchable thin film, optical functional materials and nanomaterials. The objective of his thesis was to... Read more »
Ronggui Yang and Xiaobo Yin holding the metamaterial.

Cooling Metamaterial a Physics World Top 10 Breakthrough of 2017

Dec. 11, 2017

Physics World has recognized a metamaterial film that provides cooling without the need for a power source, invented CU Boulder mechanical engineering professors Ronggui Yang and Xiaobo Yin, as one of the Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2017. Made out of glass microspheres, polymer and silver, the material uses passive radiative... Read more »
Mechanical engineering Associate Professor Mark Rentschler and three graduate students with an oversized version of a synthetic colon created as a senior design project. Rentschler is the lead scientist on a CU Boulder project to design a sophisticated robotic small intestine.

A robotic small intestine? Researchers are making one

Dec. 4, 2017

The day is coming when doctors-in-training can perfect certain medical practices on a robotic small intestine and test medical treatments on a human-made device vs. animals. Mechanical engineering Associate Professor Mark Rentschler is leading the effort to develop an artificial, robotic small intestine for use in medical laboratories. The research... Read more »
A panel of alumni speaking in a classroom.

Flickr Album: ME Alumni Connect Day

Nov. 27, 2017

40+ CU Boulder mechanical engineering alumni & friends met with students in class panels and one-on-one Friday, Nov. 10 to talk life after graduation.Read more »
Madalyn Kern

ME Alumni in Focus: Adjustable prosthesis offers mobility to the masses

Nov. 27, 2017

Amputees face a lifelong problem: Over time, as their residual limb inevitably changes shape, their prosthetic leg socket no longer fits. Without adjustments to the socket, the device becomes nearly useless. Enter Madalyn Kern, a CU Boulder mechanical engineering PhD graduate whose work focuses on medical-device design. Traveling to an... Read more »